Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Knitting project soon

This knitting adventure came as a trade from a friend in Denmark. Whee!!!!

Fast postal service! Mailed about March 17 from Denmark and arrived in Colorado US March 23! Interesting, instead of colors 98 lagoon and 102 magpie I was sent 98 lagoon and 99 aubergine (purple.) The colors look good together in the package, so I am going to go with it. Now to wait until my hand has healed! snivel

The hand continues to be difficult. I know a sprain takes a while, but sheesh! Last week the doc's office made a plaster splint to immobilize the thumb (because it hurt more than when it first happened!) After a week in that, it has improved. Today the physical therapist gave me a new brace, one that fits better than the first. Turns out I need a size small, not the medium first given. Doctor again tomorrow. I don't expect to be out of the brace this week. Tell you what, these longer nights for a medical appointment is tiring! Especially today! Less than 5 hours of sleep because of the pt appointment in the morning and then knitting group in the afternoon. I'm going to have to skip knitting on PT/doc days, I NEED sleep!

Talking about trying to spin tomorrow, don't know if the hand will allow it, but it would certainly help my sanity!

Monday, March 09, 2009


My cell phone gave up and stopped working. Serena persuaded us to buy iphones (it hurt so much when she twisted our arms - not!) With this I can check e-mail at lunch, at least most of my accounts.

I fell at work the other night helping a customer get a wide screen tv into his SMALL car. The cardboard on the box gave way as I pulled on it. I waited a day to go in, verdict is a sprain of my hand. No knitting until it heals drat it.