Sunday, February 28, 2010

Still moving slowly

I'm still moving slowly after Dad's death. But, I'm starting to recover.

It helps to know that there is new life on the horizon. Serena and Justin will be parents in July. I'm trying to decide what to knit for Merridyth Ann. At least there is a 95% possibility that it will be Merridyth Ann, known as Merri. I'm going to try to do another 3 generation blanket for her (Mom, me and Serena.) I want each of the grandtads to have that, don't want one to be left out. That means I need to get going soon, to make sure that it happens. I'm thinking cables for this one. Haven't decided quite what, but...

Justin L's winter sweaters for this year and next are almost finished. A couple of more days of knitting on break and lunch and the 3rd will be finished. Then putting it together and sewing in the ends for both. Then they will be mailed off. I'm sorry that this year's is late, but circumstances conspired to lose my momentum.

It has been a colder winter here than normal. I'm so glad that Howard bought the winter coat that he did. When he did I thought (with some private snickering) that he'd wear it a week a year here. Who knew that he'd need it for over a month this year!!!

Thank God that the roof leak has finally stopped! I started off putting one container down. It gradually grew until there were 8 containers in and beside the closet. The roofers came to fix it, the next day it still leaked. But, whatever they did must have taken care of it, for the containers (I didn't dare pick them up) have stayed dry. If only I didn't hear the drip in my dreams, even though it isn't happening!

Not a lot more to post, but I'll try to get more active here. Some days are harder than others, still.