Saturday, May 02, 2009

Knit stuff

I can knit again. Those of you who knit understand, these weeks without knitting have tried me almost to the limit. I finished a pair of Happy Feet socks in the past few days. Okay, not quite finished, I need to graft the toes. But I look forward to wearing them, suddenly my socks are starting to show signs of wear. Part of me whines greatly, the other part looks at my list of completed projects and sees when each pair was finished and is grateful they lasted so long! After all, the latest to develop a hole is from October 2003. I'm going to try to darn the hole, after all, the rest of the sock still has plenty of wear! I started a pair in Kaffe Fassett's Regia Landscape, this time the colors are much better at singing than the earth pair I made last year. I'll let you know as they progress. There is something about the olive green that he includes that icks me. I love the rest of the colors so far. I found myself trying to knit faster, to get PAST the olive, as I reacted so negatively to it. Don't know why.

I'm trying to stay awake to call the apartment office to ask them to please fix the ceiling in our bedroom after bits of the plaster fell when the roof leaked. Part of me wonders why I have to ask that, as they already know of the problem and have reported that the leak(s) repaired. Oh well. Such is the life of a person who works nights as opposed to days. We are asleep when most of the rest of the time zone is awake.