Friday, December 31, 2004


The Lind is finished! At 11:07 the last end was tidied in. Whew! From 12/22 to 12/31 -- pictures in the New Year!

May this year be full of grace!

My 2004 totals were:
    Knit Totals
  • Sleeves/wristers – 5
  • Sleeves in your Pi – 1
  • Shawl – 1
  • Hat – 1
  • Vest – 3
  • Sweater – 2
  • Purse – 3
  • TKGA Samples – 10
  • Face Cloths – 4
  • Afghan – 1
  • Baby sweater – 6
  • Baby Blanket car seat – 1
  • Socks pairs – 2
  • Soap sack - 3
  • Toddler vest – 1
  • Baby Blanket (reg size) – 1
  • Scarves – 18
  • Hot water bottle cover – 1

    Sewing totals
  • Pillow cover 1
  • DP holder 1
  • Rice bag

    Spinning totals
  • Worsted weight 256 yards
  • Sport weight 48 yards
  • Lace weight 50 yards

    Other totals
  • felt balls – 45
  • skirted 6 fleeces tossed 1
  • washed 1

    KM totals
  • Front and back for Dianne’s sweater
  • Back for my sweater

Destashing -- End of the Year Thoughts

The end of last month, I managed to stay through my first guild meeting here. Second attended, first time the asthma didn't evict me. I'd been stash sorting before the meeting, and brought in a large garbage bag of stuff. It was fun sitting back and just watching people sorting through. Roving, fleece, yarn... everyone took something, and went away smiling. It was such a weight off MY shoulders, because those things are no longer in the "to be done" pile. Whew!

Then there is the Vivaldi Vest. Really neat pattern, really boring to knit 4 of the same thing! Okay, I exagerate, 2 of one and 2 of the other, reversing shaping. I tried to do all 4 pieces at the same time. Too many pieces of yarn, especially when I had the brilliant idea to carry the nonworking colors up the sides as I went. 12 strands of yarn attached to the same set of circulars. Um, no. So, I finished part 1. Getting close on part 2, and it has sat for a long time. A VERY long time. It was warm, I believe, the last time I worked on it. Checked with a friend and she would like it. I'll send it to her, she can finish it, and another thing off my shoulders! Whee! Too bad we can't get the projects we WANT to do done so easily!

Going in to the New Year, I have the following knit projects in process:

  • Serena's replacement graduation sweater (2 strands of Brown Sheep Naturespun Sport knit to achieve worsted weight,
  • Howard's birthday sweater that needs hem on the sleeves and bottom, and then crochet around the neck (should have been finished in November -- oh well),
  • several pairs of socks from a trade that need to be kitchenered,
  • my Lind, unless I finish it today. 7 3/4 inches of ribbing for the neck and sew the zip in -- possible. Still would like pockets -- still thinking,
  • fronts and sleeves of a Elsbeth Lavold tunic, back was knit up on the KM, hasn't bee touched since,
  • um, forgot the Unst Bridal Shawl started in merino -- time to forget it for a while? frogging sounds really good, it doesn't do anything for me,
  • Forgot my poor Princess Line sweater! I love it, and haven't managed to get past the hem, I don't think! The charting scares me, to be honest. Would be a good project to distract myself with!

Spinning projects in process
  • alpaca cria fiber that has now been washed that needs to be de-vegged, then spun,

  • merino from Belinda Daniel that is being slowly spun up (Love it, but I'm slow!)

To do:
  • put loom up for sale and actually get it sold
  • organize magazines
  • do an inventory of fiber books
  • do a fleece/roving inventory

That's enough, isn't it?

Tomorrow I plan to post my list of completed things for 2004. After all, I may finish something today!

May 2005 be healthy, happy, and full of joy for you!

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Thursday Blahs

I think I'm beginning to pull out of the depression. I think several things caused it:
  • the gradual darkening of the days, it has been grey and overcast most of the time, there isn't any sun!

  • The biggest, and the one I keep shying around. Asthma. Damn it. I've had to give up so much for it, and it still wants to take more. We went through a brief period of hope, misunderstanding the doctor, that it would go away. It isn't. Someone asked how long I'd been dealing with asthma yesterday. I said, "6 years." She looked surprised that I was still trying to come to a balance with it. Howard said, "Some people want to stay in denial, instead of dealing with it." Which angered me, but I also wonder. Is it better to live in hope, and keep pushing the boundaries, or stop?

  • The trigger for this depression is, I think, having to give up weaving. Okay, I wasn't really good at it. But I loved it. Not warping, for heaven's sake, that seemed to be a nightmare almost every time. But weaving itself! The rhythm, watching FABRIC grow under my hands (and so FAST too!) I had plans, I was going to make blankets for friends. I was going to...

    and that is gone. I also spent a lot of money on the loom (and sundry), money from the sale of 2 very ugly vases that my great-uncle gave me, telling me they were valuable. I didn't believe him, but tucked them away where young children wouldn't break them. Several years ago, we took them to Sotheby's in New York, and put them up for online auction. The two went for $8,000.00! So, with part of that, I bought my loom, something I'd wanted for years. And named it Charlie, for Uncle Charlie, who loved family, and nice things.

Went to Fort Dodge with Howard yesterday, to pick up this and that. Got a dock for my camera, so it can recharge, instead of eating batteries. Wound up with a bass voice again, because I walked behind someone who had almost drowned in aftershave. Went to Hancock to get a separating zipper for the Lind, and arranged class time. Right now, I'm going to try to teach a series of 3 classes on knitting. Scary. Really scary. I've put on the announcement to please not wear perfumes or scents. I guess this is another aspect of denial. If this doesn't work out, I'll have to refund the $$, and add something else to my list that I can't do. I do have some hope about teaching 4-H kids, but haven't heard back on that.

Anyway, came home, having made it to the sleeve cap on one sleeve, wheezing and not really comfortable. Neb? Surely you jest? Then, and it just now connected, I had ice cream, and really reacted to that. Well yeah, already having allergic reaction, and then add to it? Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb! Drat, now I have to explain to Howard, who has been as confused about that as I was.

Trying to come up with something I can do for the tsunami victims. Not much $$ at this point of the year. But I will be sending money, as I can, because the need isn't going to go away for a long time.

Maybe later I'll post progress pictures. The new sewing machine is slow. Very slow. A very basic machine. It will do for a while. It did NOT like sewing steeks yesterday, but we wrestled through. Armscyes and front are now open, ready for the next step.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

This is my first laceweight! 50 yards, 4 grams according to my scale. The merino roving came from Belinda in Australia. Gorgeous, isn't it! I had serious concerns as to whether I was up to spinning something so wonderful. I'm using an Anne Grout support spindle to spin, and a David Reed Smith Susan for plying. As I fill up a support spindle, I'm winding it off onto plastic straws, which fit on my Lazy Kate for plying.

Lind has the body finished but for the collar/steeks/zipper and the sleeves are started. Getting somewhere! Hoping to pick up the zipper tomorrow.

Seriously confused about the days. I know it is the holidays, and Howard is on vacation, but he had to go in for several hours today. Last night I could have sworn that it would be Sunday today. Today feels as if it is Wednesday. Somewhere, my body clock has gone on strike!

Monday, December 27, 2004


Forgot to mention that Christmas Eve, after the two services, Howard was putting the crockpot into the refrigerator, and lost control of it. He burned his arm, his hand, and a great deal of his abdomen. Just a few blisters, but it is painful. The dangers of wearing polyester! Much to everyone's surprise, no damage to the crockpot! It seems it should have broken, for bad behavior, no?

Today seems to be a tired day. I've sat on the couch most of it, and just vegged. Too much to even pick up my knitting!

Happy 26th Birthday Kim!

Sunday, December 26, 2004

What a Holiday!

Well, it has been a memorable holiday at this household. Nathan spent Christmas Day tossing his toenails. There was a serious concern for a while that he would wind up at the hospital. He eventually stopped, and slept fitfully most of the night. Woke up today with a very bad sore throat. Kim packed them up, and drove him home. She took him to the ER at their local hospital, strep test was positive. Many thoughts of healing go his way. And that Kim doesn't get it too, as she was also under the weather.

Serena went back to Denver today, Howard and I took her to the Des Moines airport, said our goodbyes, and then went to Barnes and Noble to spend out Christmas gift card. Serena text messaged me that she was boarded, and all was well. About 15 minutes later, we noticed that her glasses were in the back seat of the car. I had dislodged them when looking for something in her backpack. I'm so glad Kinkos is now a Fed Ex participant. We found one within a few blocks of the bookstore, and dropped it off for next day delivery. Of course, they don't do Sunday pickup, so they won't be there until Tuesday. But, as she only wears them in the evening just before bed and first thing in the morning, I hope she will survive. We've both been known to walk into walls without our glasses.

HOME! Watched some football, knit some more (amazing how much I've accomplished in driving time this weekend!) Read some more, and I'm going to bed soon!

Wow, did the family surprise me this Christmas. Kim, Nathan, and Serena got together and gave me a dollhouse kit! I am to put it together, they plan to paint it on one of their visits. Howard gave me a sewing machine (which I'd somewhat guessed) and A DIGITAL CAMERA! WOW! I cried on both the dollhouse and the camera! I've wanted a dollhouse for years. The camera -- pure indulgence. I'll show you updates as I get things accomplished.

My neat knit buddy Dianne sent me some yummy alpaca yarn (in MY colors) that wants to be a shawl for me and this gorgeous hand-crafted silver cross. They won't be used together, but the cross will be really useful on heavier shawls. Actually, I think the cocoon out of my handspun grey Corriedale that was one of the items I wove would be PERFECT with it. I'll experiment and see if you agree. (In other words, when I get a picture of it up!)

Kim began a beautiful counted cross stitch project while she was here. She chose a marvelous adventure for her 4th project. The butterflies on it use 2 strands of different flosses, which produces a marvelous affect. I'm so proud of her!

Experimentation is going on apace. How to photograph with this camera, some progress pictures were overwhelmingly blue. Not very helpful to see what is going on! Still checking around for tools to show progress on the blog. I'd like the charts which show percent completed. We'll see. Which reminds me, I need to send someone the information on how to put details in the blog.

Presents! These are all qiviut scarves -- the purple lace is Serena's, the purple stockinette is Annette's, the natural lace is Mom's and the natural Seaman's scarf is Dad's. Think they'll like them? We already know Serena likes hers! Waiting on the others

This is my Lind on Christmas Day. Lots of knitting done, as Nathan was so sick, we didn't open presents until evening!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


The sweater is growing! I'm about 5 inches up the body now. Wonder how much I'll get done tomorrow in the drive to Des Moines, and all the running around there? I'll let you know when I get back!

Tomorrow afternoon we drive to Des Moines, drop off quilts at several shelters, go to Barnes and Noble to spend our Christmas gift from the ladies, eat somewhere, then eventually go to the airport and pick up Serena. Then we drive home, and Nathan and Kim will probably already be in bed! But won't we have fun once all of us are awake on Friday! First time ALL of us have been together since ? I'm not sure!

This is the sweater that has attacked me! I'm only on the rib, but doesn't it look comfy! Posted by Hello

New Project!

I've been attacked by the desire to do a new project! Sheesh! Here I was, working somewhat diligently on Serena's graduation sweater (progress pictures to come when I borrow Nathan's camera) and suddenly... Wham! I've been attacked! It is a DO IT NOW!I'm doing it in 2 strands of the caramel color yarn I bought from Webs. I figure that the yarn for this will run less than $15! The ZIPPER will probably cost almost that much!

It wants to be the replacement for my poor Red Jacket from Denver 87 that needs to be retired. It has been my comfort jacket -- the thing I put on when I'm upset or feeling badly. It has been a great friend, but it is tired. The zips are all broken. It has holes. Since I never put the hood up, I don't think I'll miss it. May continue the zip up the collar, though, for warmth when I'm REALLY cold! In wool... YUM!

Another thought for that yarn from Webs, but how many sweaters can Serena handle? I thought briefly about starting her off on one, good plane knitting (I'm steeking it), but I don't know if I have the yarn for it. Her call. I have the grey and the blueberry yarns waiting for activity...

I am avoiding like the plague working on the newsletter this morning. Got a call just before 7 that someone had died, and wasn't able to go back to sleep. Too cold. My feet wouldn't warm up. The fiber room is 65* right now. If Nathan complains about his room being too cold, I may have him sleep in there! When I went in at 7 to write down the note, it was 64, and that was AFTER the furnace had been running. No WONDER I'm cold in here.

3 bulletins are done for this week. Newsletter and another bulletin for next week. One bulletin for the next. Then Jodi should be back.

I need tea. I missed the coop order the first of the month. I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and drive down to Ames for tea. Lipton gives me a headache. Hm, just asked Nathan to pick some up. We'll see how that goes.

Hope Nathan and Kim were able to meet their deadlines last night!

Right now, they are saying -13 wind chill. ouch

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

White Stuff!

We have several inches of scattered flurries on the ground. Yesterday afternoon Howard called and said the rain had hit -- it was hitting as frozen chunks of ice. Oddly enough, the streets and sidewalks turned white first -- then the lawns. It then moderated to snow and DUMPED. About an inch in the first hour. Then it slowed down, but what a surprise! We weren't supposed to have any appreciable snow. Mike came by around 9 and started shoveling, he didn't want to hitch up the trailor and snowblower for this. His call.

He reminded Howard last week that a year ago the first big surprise snowstorm had been last weekend. Missed it by a day this year, but interesting. The weekend before Christmas may be the target for snow here.

Family time soon! Whee!

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Saturday evening

Okay, football has taken over the season. 'nuff said

Started a glove (why do I keep typing mitten?) in 3 ply Kroy -- black and silver. Really looks good, even if Raider colors. For this family, should be orange and blue. Sorry, not in stock. I can do one row of corrugated ribbing at a time ( 2 colors, knit in rib) on size 0s, and then need to put down. "Only" 5 more rows to go on the ribbing. Then the "fun" part -- the glove itself. The burgundy/black or burgundy/grey just didn't do a thing for me. That's the problem when you have LOTS of black, silver, and grey in this weight of yarn! I really don't have too many other colors to add to the mix.

Have finished the first repeat of one pattern for Serena's sweater. Row by row...

Christmas is almost here! Doesn't seem real.

Saturday whinges

I've decided that only a fellow fiber person would appreciate the gloves. Right now I'm trying to persuade myself that I really don't want to start a pair. Hm, traditional colors? I don't know yet.

Did 2 gauge swatches on the caramel yarn, both are just a hint undersize. whine. The yarn is sport to dk, I think that is my first problem. It is written (the Rogue) for Aran weight, 4.5 st per inch. Why did I think it DK? Because I WANTED it to be? One option would be to carry along a strand of sock yarn. It will then looked marled, not sure that's the effect I want.

The wind has kicked up with a vengeance. Temps are supposed to be miserable by tomorrow.

Friday, December 17, 2004


My, has it been THIS long? Sorry Serena.

Still wheezing after Wednesday's asthma attack. Just moving around sets me off. grumble.

I've been charting a Scottish Glove pattern, I think Serena and I are the only ones worthy of them, and I don't know if she would wear them. Fine sock yarn, 84 sts around... An old pattern, gauge isn't given.

Graduation sweater is about 4 inches along -- 24 rows. Which means, I think, that I need to check row gauge, and make some pattern changes! I want to buy a digital camera, so I can show off!

Why are cars racing up and down our street? There are children along here!

I got some yummy yarn in the mail from Webs, and it is nice enough that I'll probably buy some for Serena. There are several choices, which do you think she'd prefer,,

Howard did shopping today, and I don't know what he bought. That's all right, I bought him stuff earlier in the week, and I didn't leave home to do it!

Monday, December 13, 2004


Hm, Serena's graduation sweater was of worsted weight yarn, and I've been trying to recreate it in sport. I think the stitch patterns will be lost, because I'll either need lots of "free" space (purls between patterns), or more patterns in there. Right now I'm leaning toward knitting 2 strands of the sport weight, and see if that will come closer to the worsted weight. If I guess correctly, that will mean a difference between 400 sts around and just over 200. A bit of a difference! Hm. I guess I'll do some swatches and decide.

I just agreed to take on the Association newsletter. I think I'm nuts. We'll see. I'll have to find out just how to do it -- hopefully soon!

While Jodi is gone, I'm also typing up the January newsletter here, and the bulletins. Are we having fun?

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Here's the front of the sweater. I took a pattern from SweaterWizard, tweaked it, and here is the result, needing a bit of refinement as to the way it is presented for your delectation. Sigh. It was taken in a hurry. I hope it will generate some interest in Knitting 102. Or whatever I call it. I figure that from this simple project people can learn: changing colors, grafting, increases, decreases, reading a pattern... anything I'm missing? Posted by Hello

ah, the back of the baby sweater, to be used for a class demonstration. To learn increases, decreases, changing colors... all in a short period of time. Brave, aren't I! Posted by Hello

Wednesday blather

We got a text message from Nathan on Sunday morning that he and Kim were in the ER, she was having severe abdominal pains. If you remember, Howard and I were both bleary/bleery? from his sleep study the night before. By late afternoon, it had resolved that Kim had appendicitis, very rare in her family. They were able to do a laparascopy, and she came home Monday. We drove up to help entertain Tucker (their dog) and keep him off her. I managed to finish the baby sweater, start a scarf for my dad in qiviut, and not much else.

Got home tonight, to very little desire to do anything. I know I need to change the sheets. I know I need to ... fill in the blanks. I'm tired. I'm wheezy. I don't care.

Wish I knew what was in the air between here and St. Cloud that sets off the asthma every freaking time! Or, if you prefer, from St. Cloud/Sartell to here. There were 3 areas that set me off on the way home. Whoopee. Have I mentioned lately that I really don't like asthma?

I'm glad Kim is doing better, Howard showed her how to cross stitch/back stitch/French knot today. She was doing a FANTASTIC job, really tremendous for a first project! I was impressed! I hope she enjoys it!

Sunday, December 05, 2004

groggy thoughts

Howard had his sleep study last night, the technician told him he will probably be a good candidate for the cpac (or however it is spelled.) If he can sleep soundly, and waken without a headache, actually refreshed, what a delight! I know he has not had a GOOD night's sleep in a long time. I guess the report now goes to a neurologist, who makes recommendations, and then forwards it to Howard's gp. I can hope! Wouldn't THAT be a nice Christmas present!

However, with him gone, I didn't go to bed until after 2, and he got home at 5:30. I'm a bit bleary. Hah! bit?

Did manage to get the loom sleyed and tied last night, as well as finishing almost both of 2 baby sweater sleeves. I cut off the yarn for the contrast color, to realize that I'd mis-counted, and needed one more repeat of it. That was the point I decided to call it quits. Today will be the other arm, and maybe the body? The hood and bands would be all that is left. I'm going to try to get everything to the store early this week, to start people thinking about classes in January.

Today, we need to work together some more, and figure out the brake. It is NOT holding. I can advance the loom without releasing it. sigh

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Happy Birthday Howard! This is his almost complete sweater, just steeked, and popped on, to prove that it was "wearable" by his birthday. The fatigue is not feigned, he had spent the last 2 days laying a ceramic tile floor at Nathan and Kim's. I used Sweater Wizard to create the pattern, knit in the round, set-in sleeves. Posted by Hello

Friday, December 03, 2004

The back of the coat, I really like the fun from having the tabs, don't you? Posted by Hello

Kim in my Turkish Coat! No, she doesn't look happy, but I am when I wear it! Posted by Hello

Hm, Friday?

Well, no further on Howard's sweater. Delighted that Serena has a new job, to start in a week. Actually, THRILLED!

Howard saw the doctor yesterday. He has an ingrown toenail, antibiotics for a week, then remove part of the toenail, and retard growth Thursday. He has either a frozen shoulder or a bone spur in the shoudler, PT for the next few weeks, then referral on if that doesn't help. He has a sleep study for apnea tomorrow night. Poor man!

The jacket Kim is wearing is my own handwoven, the whole thing is Bartlett worsted for the warp. The brown is alpaca. The pink variegated is from Valentina Devine, and was purchased at Maryland Sheep and Wool. I loved it, but had no clue what to do with it, so it sat until I wove it up. Then I wondered... again, what to do. When Dianne came over break, she helped me vision, then put it together. The fabric is heavily fulled, but so comfortable!

When Nathan and Kim come for Christmas, I'll put up pictures of the cocoon of my handspun/handwoven!