Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I finally finished the 100% angora shawl I started in August. A variation on a shoulder shawl I've done many times. Instead of a square back, it is triangular. It can wrap around me and tie. I knit and knit on this. It was hard using the circulars, as the yarn caught on the needle each time, as it relaxed while on the cable. I finally gave up and put it on mis-matched straights. One wooden and one plastic. All I had! Whatever, it rescued the project from UFO-dom. The problem? With all of that knitting, the shawl weighs in at a whopping 2.2 ounces or 63.5 grams (the scale couldn't decide between 63 and 64 grams, it kept fluctuating back and forth) or 138 yards! This doesn't seem fair. It feels as if I knit a LOT more than that! Sure doesn't do much for my stash knitdown, as I still have 16+ ounces of the yarn/1049 yards left and no clue as to what to knit with this 3/10 or 62.5 yards/ounce angora! Suggestions?

Here is a friend's teddy bear wearing the Tutti-Frutti. I thought it looked kind of cute, but I couldn't get Teddy to look at me!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I'm really pleased how this sweater turned out. I'm glad I made the changes that I did. Now to wait for Justin to grow enough to be able to wear it! I'm wondering whether I should make the matching hat, or call it.

So far in January (the month is almost over, but there are a few knitting days left) I've knit 1.2 miles of yarn. My mind boggles a bit over that fact. It helps that this sweater was done with two strands at a time, double the amount of yardage used!

I did learn a valuable lesson. I was 21 ridges away from finishing. Decided to do the math as to how many stitches remained to be knit (as I was determined to finish all but one gusset and the ends Sunday evening. I found that to be an intimidating number. Instead of thinking "21 ridges, I can do that easily!" my thoughts turned to "21 ridges is 42 rows times 50 stitches is 2100 stitches that I expect to finish tonight? Who am I kidding!" I went back to "21 ridge, I can do this!" And, I did. Perspective. The way you think about things makes all the difference in the world.

We got haircuts yesterday and I love mine. Although today, with the dry air, wind and sleeping wrong, I have cowlicks! The bane of my mom's existence on picture day. I won't make you giggle by posting a picture, but you can giggle at the thought of my hair creating its own design today. Still in the shape it was given -- almost! grin

Saturday, January 26, 2008

ah-ha! moment

I found the cable to my iPod, thank God! It was hiding near the printer for some reason (another room, let's not go into reasons.)

Had an ah-ha moment a bit ago as I was trying to resize a cable pattern from Ivanova and Carter Knit the 1/26 post. That one triggered an immediate idea for a new sweater. I spent probably 5+ minutes on the activity to suddenly realize that if I save it to the computer then put it in my picture editing program, I can resize it easily. Actually, the program does it for me. Whew! Takes seconds instead of minutes.

Justin's sweater is moving along. I will admit to measuring it again and again (actually counting rows, but it is the same thing!) The adult version of "are we there yet?" grin

If anyone finds my brain, please let me know!

Justin's sweater is a simple color pattern, row 1& 2 black, 3 & 4 white, 5 & 6 black, 7 & 8 red. Today I skipped rows 5 and 6. Not as much frogging as it could be, but still! After knitting along this far, one would think I would pay attention to the pattern. At least a littl bit. Yes, it is mindless knitting, as garter stitch is wont to be. But the reason I like it is the color changes. Hello brain? Can we have a discussion here? You want to knit Hanne Falkenbergs, so you aren't bored stiff when knitting garter stitch, you gotta pay THAT much attention. Please. I'd really appreciate it.

Then I went to download some of the books I bought from The plan was to put some on my new iPod so I can read while I knit. The cord, she has gone poof! I actually picked up my knitting room! Not so much that others might notice, I still have the box of books up for trade at and I don't see a lot of point in putting them in a bookcase to come out when they go to a new owner. But still, there is a noticeable (to me) improvement. No cord. Maybe I should go back to bed? Take my knitting, of course.

Howard's cast

As per request, here is the picture of Howard's cast. He is so glad it is coming off Thursday! He'll have had a total of 20 days in restricted movement. It is hard, I'll agree. Here's to a healthy wrist!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Birthday all!

Today is the middle day in a cluster of family birthdays. There are 10 cousins on my Mom's side. My brother's birthday was yesterday, my cousin Nancy's is today (as was my Mom's father's) and my cousin Robert and my birthdays are tomorrow! What are the odds to have 40% of us born within 3 days?


Thursday, January 24, 2008


Should I call this a Medley of Mitts? I also thought Melange would work as well. I couldn't post until they were received, now could I! As shown in the earlier picture, my sister and parents were so pleased with the mitts I sent right after Christmas, they asked for more. So more they got. These are made from (from upper left) dark green Patons Kroy, Trekking and Patons Kroy, (center) Brown Sheep Wildefoot Symphony, Patons Canadiana, Patons Astra and Brown Sheep Wildefoot Violet Garden (I don't think that color is on the general market, I got both of these skeins at the Factory outlet. That was ALL of the symphony!)

Here is the Hanne Falkenberg "Tutti-Frutti" in my variation so far. Two strands of Patons Kroy for each color. I need to finish the back as well as the ends of both sleeves and the neckband. And, as you can see, I have ends to sew in. I really like how it is turning out. At first I'd planned to just use black and red, but it seemed so -- blah. I think the white really pulled it together and made it. I've gotten many compliments already on it!

This is for Stacey, who complains that it doesn't get cold there. Hm, I think she may be bragging instead of complaining, actually. We set a new record low temperature last night, this was the inside pane of a double paned window this morning. You KNOW it is cold when the outside door has frost on the inside.This happened in the kitchen, the lower edge of the door and the sill were white with frost on the inside. BRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Today has been one of THOSE days. Drove DH to the doctor (45 minutes away.) As we left town, I stopped to get gas. Could NOT figure out the gas pump. I interpreted what it was saying as push a button to start your gas. (It said select gas, and showed a row of buttons.) Finally DH told me to flip the lever. sigh

Doctor told us that he could drive now. I said "you can drive home!" Nope, he didn't have his wallet along, so no driver's licence. The nurse put the cast on. Home we went. I seriously considered stopping to get something to drink, but we didn't.

As we pulled into our driveway, his cell phone rang. My purse was still at the doctor's office. This isn't normal behavior for me. Neither of us can remember that happening before. We piled back in the car and took off. With his afternoon meeting in town, there wasn't time for lunch.

We decided that he should drive back, as he now had a driver's license with him and I didn't. First indication of trouble: he couldn't turn the key in the ignition.

As I was passenger, I knit. Or tried to. The yarn tangled, badly. I finally gave up and broke the offending yarn and untangled it that way. By the time I had that sorted, I was only able to knit a few rows.

When we arrived he again couldn't turn the key in the ignition. His movement with the hand is also restricted. He decided that it is going to be the better part of valor to wait until the cast comes off next week.

We came home again, he called on the way to have his secretary put off his appointment for a half hour. I got him there 2 minutes late. Are we having fun yet?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Odd occurence

Sunday afternoon Howard went to the nursing homes for worship services at each of them. The churches in the area take turns so that there is a short service every Sunday afternoon, with lots of singing and a short message.

I dropped him off, with the understanding that he would call when he needed a ride home. The second place is across the street from the first, so he would walk between them.

Around the time that the second one was to start, the home phone rang. When I answered, I heard people singing "Jesus Loves Me." I realized, just before I hung up, that it was the second service. I listened through it (what I thought was the end) and left to pick up Howard. When I got there, he denied all knowledge of calling me (and if he had called, he would have called on my cell phone, not the landline.) Yeah, I checked his phone, he didn't call me. There wasn't a telephone in the room where the service is held. NO ONE that was there admits to calling me! We don't have caller ID on the home phones, so I couldn't figure it out that way.

And, to top it all off, he had a ride home! So who called me? It was an enjoyable phone call, but I'd feel better if I knew who had called!

Justin's Sweater

I have a bad habit of writing here when I'm in the car (doing a lot of that recently!) and then not actually putting it down. Blast it!

I started a Hanne Falkenberg Tutti-Frutti for Justin. Before you get offended at the idea, I've changed it so much, I'm not sure it would be recognized as her pattern. I'm knitting it in 3 colors with 2 strands of Kroy 3 ply sock yarn (what in the world was I thinking -- that is 6 strands on each piece!) and removing the bobbles.

I'll post a picture when I get home (and edit this sentence), as I just enjoy the way this is turning out. I confess that I stop knitting just to admire what I've done so far! My plan had been to knit it in red and black, but the thought came suddenly to add off-white as well. What a difference that makes! The colors play together so much better than just the black and red!

May you find pleasure in your tasks today! Even better, I hope you find joy!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Howard gave me an iPod for Christmas, and Serena gifted me with an I-tunes gift certificate. I purchased Hadyn's "Creation" and started listening this morning. I know that when I bought it I had thought to buy it in English, I've listened to it for years in German. Started listening this morning and suddenly thought "I bought it in German!" It took about 4 tracks to figure that out. I don't speak German, but I guess I was so used to it in German that it didn't compute. Then I had to laugh at myself!

I'm enjoying it. Thank you Howard and Serena!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Excuse me?

Why do individuals feel they can disparage my knitting, without it being an insult? One person today said, "I was told some years ago that women knit so they can talk." Another person looked at me and said, "I'll bet you didn't get anything knit today." (and no, I wasn't the one in the meeting, I had 6 hours away from home while Howard was in a meeting.)

Friday, January 11, 2008

More Justin Pictures!

Nathan e-mailed more pictures today!
"Is this another dog? What exactly is this thing? When awake, it makes a LOT of noise!" Tucker is finally getting used to Justin, the noise made him nervous at first. Justin, however, is able to sleep right through Tucker's barking (and he has a LOUD deep bark! Tucker's mom was a lab and his dad was a basset hound...)

Mommy holding me so Tucker can look on.

Sleep is SUCH hard work! I'm putting all of my energy into it!

This is my favorite of today's set! Despite these pictures, we have actually seen Justin awake!

Howard had surgery on his hand today. He is doing well, but the next few days are going to be interesting. He can't drive until he sees the doctor again -- the 22nd. He did try to persuade the doctor otherwise, but no dice. I am chauffeur for the interim. :)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Brain, what brain?

I looked at the hat I’m making for the library lady this morning. Thought it was too big, and took all 240 stitches off the needle. (I thought I needed to frog back about 8 rows, and it was too much to tink back stitch by stitch.) Then I put it on my head, and it was just the right size. I s-l-o-w-l-y put it back on the needle, one stitch at a time (just after a cable row too, what was I thinkinig?!) I am now down to the ear flaps and I’m trying to figure out the placement. Brain, what brain? It took 4 trips to the living room to get the knitting needle kit, so I could put a smaller needle on the left side, so the stitches would feed better. Just tried it on after one row of the needle change, and, as I said, it is ready to do the ear flaps which means I need to change needles again.

I know someone once wrote about placement of ear flaps. Now I need to find it again. I thought it was Kim Salazar of Wiseneedle, but I can't find it now. Oh well, back to finding other patterns and working out percentages.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Kim and Nathan gave me a teapot fountain for Christmas. It is darling, and it fits my personality. I think. There is just one wee problem. All of that running water tends to make me need to run to the bathroom. sigh It is relaxing, I enjoy it, but that little problem does make life more interesting. How many of us are affected by the sound of running water? grin

Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Years of a Couch

When I was growing up, it was called a davenport. I believe Howard's family called it a sofa. Now it seems to be called a couch.

When Serena was just getting active, my Great-Uncle Charlie decided to move into a senior apartment complex near my parents. He was fascinated by Serena, I don't think he had been around a toddler much, and her energy level astonished him. (As it does, I believe, almost everyone around one!) One memory stands out, my parents had a step/seat in front of the fireplace, probably 9 inches to a foot tall. Serena was clambering up that, then she'd stand up and jump down. Over and over. And over. Charlie stood there and laughed, which, of course, encouraged her to continue. He was filled with delight, and so was she.

Charlie asked, somewhat shyly, if we would take some of his furniture. It would make him feel better if he knew where it was going. As we were fresh from grad school with few belongings, we accepted with joy. I'm not sure that I fell on his neck thanking him, but it was close! (grin)

So it was that we received some of Charlie's furniture. Now the nice thing about Charlie's furniture was/is that it was purchased by someone who stood right at 5 feet tall. In other words, his furniture fits me beautifully! The couch was oversized (it didn't fit in the door of the apartment when we were living there!) but it was just the right depth for me to be able to sit all the way back and my feet still could be flat on the floor. That is unusual.

Just after we received the furniture, we moved to Portland Oregon. We had the couch reupholstered. It needed it. Shortly after it came home, Serena took a red marker to the cushions. Thank goodness I could turn them over! That did, of course, mean that the cushions didn't get even wear.

I figured it up the other day. While we had it, the couch survived 2 children growing up, 8 cats, 7 moves, 2 stints in a storage unit, dirt roads and a lot of use! It, unfortunately, finally the wood started giving way. Re-upholstering just wouldn't work now. I didn't want to let it go without some sort of memory. So I kept a piece of the upholstery. There were 4 fabrics on the couch, so it had been reupholstered 3 times. Charlie had probably purchased it in the 20s, so the it had a good long life. The velvet (brown?) was the first. Then there is a tiny scrap of brocade (all I could get, the fabric was disintegrating.) That is a gold with a brown brocade. Then there is the gold brocade that was on it before we received it. The blue striped velvet was put on in Portland.

I don't know if the couch would have survived longer if it had been reupholstered again earlier. Somehow I doubt it. The nails in the arms had broken the wood when they pulled out. One of the legs broke as the couch was moved.

It was hard letting the couch go. It had been part of us for a long time. But it was time. We'll miss it. If I can't find another that allows my feet to touch the floor, we won't buy another.
Ideas on what to do with the fabric scraps?

Saturday, January 05, 2008


We drove up to see Justin and his parents yesterday, coming home today. We wanted to meet him! Justin didn't have a good night last night. He tried his best to keep Mommy and Daddy up all night. That was hard work! He spent almost the entire time today asleep. We went out to lunch before we said goodbye, this is how impressed he was with the entire situation! Sound asleep! You will notice that everything is a bit large for him -- right now 0-3 month clothing is large on him. We are sure he will grow, but he looks tiny, doesn't he!

Here is my favorite shot of the ones we took, Grandpa and Justin! Grandpa was able to hold him and he'd stay awake (not crying, just watching and looking around.)

I retained the title of most boring person around and he went to sleep every time I held him. This has been happening for years -- it seems that when I hold a baby, no matter the mood he/she is in, they fall asleep. May I note that this did NOT work with my children! It has proven true with other babies, from those in the Peds section at the hospital (when I volunteered there), to infants in the church -- whenever I get to hold an infant. This morning he was fussy, I held him and he went to sleep. Yesterday he wasn't fussy, he still fell asleep.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Mitts, 2007 totals

The mitts arrived and were received with pleasure. In fact, much to my surprise, my sister didn't wind up with all three pairs. As you can see in the picture, Mom and Dad each took a pair as well! The verdict? They are surprisingly comfortable and warm. In fact, the request has been made for more pairs for all three of them! grin

My 2007 totals. Somehow, it doesn't feel as if I've accomplished much last year. (Hm, had to make a correction, as I wrote this year. Must make the change mentally!)
Baby Afghan 1 (This was the 3 generation afghan that Mom, Serena and Howard all contributed toward making it)
Baby hats 4
Baby Sweaters 3
Briefcase (felted) 1
Children’s sweaters 4
Felted purse 1
Sample for Margaret 1
Scarves 1
Shawls 1
Adult Sweaters 4
Socks (pairs) 1
Wristwarmers (pairs) 4
DK weight 120 yards Cormo