Thursday, October 29, 2009


Oh my goodness. Some of you may have read or seen that Denver is having a snowstorm. It started Tuesday evening and hasn't yet stopped. Howard went out this morning (thank God it is our weekend!) and cleared off the car and shot a couple of photos. This picture is just past the front door to the apartment building. Normally that branch is high overhead. I would guess that the car on the right has not moved since before the storm started.

We worked Tuesday night, leaving for work early because of the forecast. It started to snow as soon as we were on the freeway. By the time we got off work, the car had several inches on it. It was a white knuckle drive down the mountain, the road was completely white. Oddly enough, the last little bit was the hardest -- the plows don't go through so much and climbing the hill was almost too much for our car. We parked the car in the parking lot (can't get it in our garage space yet) with the understanding that we did NOT need to go out again until Friday night. Whew! (This is the back view of that car.)

This is what our car looked like, having missed the first night of the storm. The one in the center of this photo, looking as if it has a thin line between the end of the snow on the car where it hasn't QUITE met the snow on the ground. Yet.

Howard cleared part of the windshield and took a photo of the contrast.

Howard used the shovel blade as a measuring tool to measure the depth of the snow on top of the car. The blade is about 14-16 inches deep (we need to measure to be sure.) As you can see, the snow extends a bit above that.
Our car is being protected a bit by the apartment building. I don't want to walk out and see what the cars that are unprotected look like. Call it lazy or call it cold. Forget it right now. Almost time to go to bed!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


At their own wedding. I'd like to welcome a new member to our clan -- Justin. Serena and Justin married September 30th.
Photo taken in June at Justin's brother's wedding.

That makes 2 Justins, now to be known as Justin T (or Big Justin) and Justin L (or Little Justin or Justin the Small.) We figure the initials are safer, as Justin L will grow. Will he be as BIG as Justin T? Who knows. grin

Justin and Serena were best friends her freshman year of college. They lost touch, but found each other again.

The newlyweds live in the Chicago area. With 2 cats and 3 dogs.

Serena is still looking for a job. Good thoughts her way would be appreciated.