Monday, January 17, 2011

Mom said there'd be times like this...

I started a sweater (jumper) for Rick in London UK. Ran out of yarn just before the hood, so no way I can fudge it. I'm waiting for more yarn to get here.

I started a sweater for Geina, his Mom. It looks as if I may run out of yarn just before the end. I'm going to knit fast to see if I can avoid it. (Why yes, if you need to know, I ascribe to the "knit faster and maybe the yarn will last" theory of knitting.") According to my stash spreadsheet, there should have been 8 skeins of this yarn, which would have been more than plenty. Why, then can I only find 6!!!!!!

I'm afraid to start anything else!

All of my works in progress were going down, until I only had 2 left - the pair of socks and Hanne Falkenberg's Solo (in different colors, but you get the idea.) I had finished the baby blanket and Stacey's sweater. The over item that had started the year with me will be frogged tonight. Bliss! Only 2 WIPs. The socks would take maybe 2 days max of intermittent knitting. But could I just complete those, and be down to NO WIPs? Noooo, I cast on for Rick's sweater. See paragraph 1. I cast on for Geina's sweater. See paragraph 2. Now I have four WIP's and there is great temptation to cast on more. SHEESH!

I even made a list of things that I'd like to knit up next. I think there are about 10 things on it!

Saturday, January 08, 2011


After long thought, I put my spinning wheel up for sale on Ravelry. It was a hard decision, I loved it when I bought it.

The problem came after I'd flown out to Colorado and both parents came down with C Diff. They were so sick, and they were impaired mentally as well as physically while sick. I guess the best thing to say about it is: it was a very difficult situation. That misery attached itself to the wheel, since I had brought it along to destress while I was there. I was miserable every time I tried to spin on it.

Yesterday it sold. SUCH a feeling of relief! I will buy a different wheel at another time, and it won't have the misery attached. As for this one, the new, excited owner won't have the angst attached and will love it. Win-win!

Thursday, January 06, 2011


Yesterday was a GREAT knitting day for me! I finished the Sprog 3 blanket, well at least MY part - Howard needs to crochet around the edges before it is totally done.

I also finished Liquid Silver for my Sister-in-law. It had been on the needles for too long, I broke a bone in my hand in the middle of it, which caused the process to grind to a halt. I finally picked it up yesterday and was astonished to realize how very little was left to do! So, I did, then popped it in the mail today. I forgot to photograph it until it was already at the post office. Oops!

I waffled between working on the current socks or starting something else. I'll admit it, I looked closely at the socks, put them down and started a new sweater. Toddler size -- quick knit! Yay!