Friday, December 31, 2010

End of Year totals

So, this is when each of us looks back on the year, good, bad and ugly. It has been a momentous year. Not all good. Not all bad.

Birth of Merridyth Ann - highlight
Moving to Minnesota to be closer to Nathan and his family - highlight
Losing my job - low point

My knitting totals for the year:
Christening Gown 1
Hats 6
Potholders 4
Scarves 3
Scrubbies 4
Sweaters 1 baby
Sweaters 2 child
Washcloth 1
Wristers 2 pair

When I factor in having to move, I didn't do too badly this year! Tonight I'll frog the project that isn't working so it isn't on the needles in 2011. I'll only have projects on the needles that will be finished. Not a bad way to start the year! I'd prefer not to have ANY projects on the needles, so I can start the year with a clean slate, but that ain't gonna happen this year! I refuse to frog the projects that are working, that just aren't done!

I made a concerted effort to pare down the stash. Giving yarn away, using it up. I started the year with 1,118.09 ounces of yarn, or 69.88 pounds. That also translated to 119,464.64 yards of yarn, or 67.88 MILES of yarn. The stash was worth approximately $2,572.17 on January 1, 2010. I purchased 247.16 ounces 16,206 yards.

Currently I have 719.11 ounces or 44.95 pounds of yarn on hand (including the projects on the needles, they don't get to count against the totals until finished.) That is 73,718 yards or 41.885 miles of yarn. Current approximate value of stash is $1,659.61. Not bad! Actually, I'm pretty proud of that!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

End of the year

Today I am taking a hard look at projects on my needles. One of the items on the needles isnot working. It is time to FROG! I'll do something with this yarn at a later date.

I do NOT want anything on the needles that I do not love or that will not be loved by the recipient.

As far as I remember, here are my projects on the needles:
  • a pair of socks for me - one is to the heel, the other is on the heel flap
  • Solo for Serena - about 1/2 of the body is finished - need the other half and 2 sleeves
  • Liquid Silver for Stacey - so close to being finished - just DO IT!
  • Sprog 3 baby blanket
  • Cross-over Rib top for me - going to frog the colors are pooling

I would like to start working on the items that are closest to being finished. That would probably be Liquid Silver, then the socks, then baby blanket and finally Solo.

I have a whole slew of projects that I WANT to start. I don't want to list them, my goal is to knit away happily! Most of the projects are for others, which is fine.

I've been destashing - passing yarns on to others who want/need yarn. If I'm not going to knit it, why is it waiting here?

Here we are in cold Minnesota. And it is raining. Blech. Perhaps elsewhere that would be cause for rejoicing. Here, it is cause for great worry. Because it is supposed to change to freezing rain, and then snow. Which means all of this lovely rain is going to change to ice. Which may, perhaps, last most, if not all ,of the rest of this winter. There are some fragile people in this building. This will mean they are restricted to home until the ice is gone. For some reason, the mood in the building isn't excited. grin

Honestly, I'm not happy about the ice. I remember breaking my wrist on ice. It is 10 miles for Howard to get to work. That is a long stretch of road to be ice covered.

ETA: So, I must be perverse. I made that list above. Decided that to finish Liquid Silver made the most sense. So what did I pick up? The BABY BLANKET! sigh I really do NOT do well with to-do lists.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


I wrote this at Christmas and didn't publish it. I don't know why not.
I was asked to bake rolls for the gathering at lunch on the 24th here in our building. I procrastinated (big surprise there, grin) and started them late the afternoon of the 23rd. We were going to leave first thing in the morning on the 24th for Nathan's so there wasn't any room for error. I did as I have done for years, threw in the ingredients until it felt right and called it good. Steel-cut oats, light rye flour, some potatoes, some molasses, some sugar, AP flour... It had a good hand as I kneaded it. It rose nicely several times. I divided it into rolls and set them to rise. Baked them and they looked great.
That night Howard and I had 2 for dinner. Too me, they were too sweet. If I had more time, I would have made more, but I didn't. I took them down with a note of apology.
When we got home the next day, I was stopped several times in the hall by people telling me how good the rolls had been. One couple had even taken some of the extras home, they liked them so well.
Sometimes, I guess, I need to step back from what I "know" and accept that I'm being too hard on myself. After all, Howard did tell me that he liked them. They just didn't fit what I expected. sigh


We have had just a bit of snow here...

I will need to get Christmas photos from others, I brought my camera, took 2 snaps and then forgot it the rest of the day!

Friday, December 24, 2010


We spent a fantastic day with our family, 8 of us together loving each other. The almost 3 year old Justin had a great time, he opened almost everyone's gifts for them. What was inside wasn't nearly as important as getting the paper off! And he was helping! smile

I think everyone liked their knitted presents. Forgot entirely to take pictures as they were opening them! sigh I should have. Merri looks wonderful wrapped in her 3-generation blanket, knit by great-grandma, grandma, Mommy and a crocheted edge by grandpa. (No, I didn't remember to get a picture of that at all!) Just right! Big Justin and Nathan both seemed to like their hats. Kim and Serena each got kitchen items they had requested. I figure that gave the items the best chance of being what was needed and would be used. Little Justin seemed to at least tolerate his hat, but didn't want it on. Merri kept hers on, didn't seem to notice that it was there.


The most important part, though, was sharing the time together. To be as one. Is this going to be a family tradition? I don't know. What a nice one, though!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


And then I started thinking...I still have the top for DSIL on the needles. Stopped knitting it when I broke my hand. Rats. One more project. Did I remember everything now?

Um, and there is the vest I started just last month. How did I forget that? Sheesh!

The socks I mentioned: I have 4 that came in the swap. One has been finished. "Only" 3 more to go.

For pete's sake! I have a memory like a sieve for projects in process!

Monday, December 20, 2010


So, I was looking on my blog today. I had knit a scarf while in Iowa, and was looking to see if I had blogged about it. Maybe I had, but I didn't see the pictures. I remember blocking the scarf, and it was in the house before it was torn down, so I could establish when and where it had been knit from memory. But I don't see, on the blog, what it was. Oddly enough, I can remember where the design CAME from! sigh

ETA, I found the pattern! Later in the blog. Wrong designer! I designed it! I don't know whether to be embarrassed that I remember so poorly or glad that I liked it so well that I wanted to knit it again!

Even worse, I looked at the post for the end of the year in 2004. MOST of the "to do" list for 2005 have NOT been done! Do you realize how embarrassing that is? Here is the list:

  • Serena's replacement graduation sweater (high school) Nope

  • Howard's sweater Done

  • Socks to be kitchenered Nope

  • My Lind Done (and fulled then cut into hotpads/potholders

  • Elsbeth Lavold tunic (back knit up by Dianne on machine, waiting for me) Nope

  • Unst Bridal Shawl Nope yarn given away, pattern sold

  • Princess Line Nope yarn used for other project

Isn't that ... sad? 7 projects on my "to do" list, and I actually did 2. And it was already knit, just needed the seams and hem. sigh Maybe it would be best if I don't plan ahead. That is the only time I did post such a list on the blog. Whew!

Right now I have the following on the needles:

  • sprog 3 baby blanket

  • a pair of socks (both are to the heel)

  • I still have the sweater back that Dianne knit up on her km, but I haven't knit anything up

  • the socks that need kitchenering still need it - they aren't on needles, do they count?

Oh well. Another day. Another try. Maybe if I read what I write occasionally...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow, sigh

The small snow shower we were to get was at about 8 inches when Howard got home. I don't want to know how much more we've gotten. It was to stop at 10 AM, I noticed that it was still coming down somewhat later than that.

I am nebbing. Isn't that fun? I still haven't figured out how to do very many things while I neb. I am posting this. But knitting is out. Searching the web (or reading Ravelry) is fine.

I have some lovely pictures on the camera of the snow 2 storms back. They are still on the camera,which makes it a little hard to share. Then there is the issue that it is now _2_ storms back, instead of current. Sorry!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Really irritated

Last spring (2010) we a new electric teakettle. Earlier I'd complained that the teakettle no longer turned off. Well today it went one better. It now leaks the heated water all over the counter. Joy. Into the trash it went. What an expensive purchase, to have it work so short of a time!

Friday, December 03, 2010


I was knitting this morning, not very many rows, and both thumbs and the right forefinger went numb. That, in my book, means STOP IDIOT! I hate days like that!

Winter weather has arrived in Minnesota. Temps have been hovering in the teens (F), with wind chill of 0*F or below. Today through tomorrow we are supposed to receive up to 8 inches. I believe we have already had 2 weeks with snow on the ground. Looks as if it will extend further!

Happy Birthday to DD! Someone at work had a grand-daughter born this morning, I hope she is as wonderful as Serena!

The woman in the building who learned to knit has embraced it whole-heartedly. She doesn't want to purl, but has knit many face-cloths already! She had asked 2 weeks ago if she could get 9 done by the 11th of December, she wasn't sure it was possible. She had 9.5 yesterday! Yay! Someone in the building has accused me of creating a monster. grin What a shame. LOL