Tuesday, April 28, 2009


When I was really restricted on my right hand, I tried to sew. I planned out the cutting layout (including the length I wanted on the skirt) and Howard was a sweetheart and cut it out for me. I managed to get the zipper in and one seam before the pain won.

Tonight I got most of the skirt done. It is hanging at the moment, so the hem can hang out before I measure and hem it tomorrow. I eked out the fabric, it was all that was left on the bolt. I was so proud that I'd gotten all the pieces without any but a few tiny pieces leftover. You know what they say about pride. grin I forgot to read the pattern pieces, one said cut 4, I cut 2. The last said to cut 2, I cut 1. So I didn't have enough fabric. I used scrap fabric to make the inside waistbands. Without planning it in the least, the stripes (it is a pinstripe fabric) matched precisely on the pockets. That was NOT planning, luck is the only way to describe it. The other problem? Despite measuring several times, the skirt is way too long. It is one of those that really needs to be adjusted BEFORE it is cut. sigh And, of course, if I had measured that correctly, there would have been more than enough for those other pieces. grin

Yesterday was supposed to be an inch of snow, per the national weather websites. We left work with 6 inches. East and westbound I-70 was basically a parking lot, the commute wasn't pleasant.

LAST weekend we were absolutely hammered. I took a picture at work before it really got bad. It continued throughout the night and the next day -- a heavy WET snow that compressed as it fell. The roof at work wasn't built to sustain that amount of weight, 42 inches of snow when they measured it. The building was closed while the snow was shoveled off. Yeah, it is pretty, but it is sure devastating! Some people waited more than 3 days for electricity. Some of them also lost phone and water service too. NOT a happy way to spend the time. The main way we were impacted is that the roof leaked and we have ceiling that decided to come into our bedroom in one place. Joy

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I saw the doc today. No surgery! Two different doctors, same practice, two opinions. I'll take this one, thank you! GGGGG I am to do occupational therapy for a month, then see him. If it still hurts, then try a cortisone shot. If it is still a problem, last thing is surgery.

I pulled out my knitting. Hard for you to believe, isn't it. GGGGG I haven't dared try it, but I plan to do so quickly!

Friday, April 10, 2009


I fell at work a month ago. Doc said it was a sprain. This week I had an MRI. Turns out I have a non-displaced fracture, a torn ligament and a tear in a different ligament. No wonder it hurts! Find out the 21st when I have surgery. No knitting or spinning for a while.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Big Grin

I got a note from Serena the other day. The entire post is copied for your delight.

I tie-dyed your car at lunch. ;)

Love you!!