Friday, September 24, 2004


Wow, it is NICE to be home! I love traveling, but there is such a pleasure to come back to our own things.

I'm still bothered by the trip to Missouri, I guess it is a "shut up and deal" situation, and I need to let go of it. Why do we try so hard to hurt each other?

The rummage sale is tomorrow, for some reason I thought it was today, and that I'd miss it. I'll mosey over later today and check out what is there. Always curious, you know! Did check, nothing insisted it be brought home.

There was a definite temperature/weather change about the border between MN/IA today. Very odd. Went from cool, overcast, and occasional sprinkles to windy and clear! It was in the 80s when we pulled into town.

Monday, September 13, 2004

packing thoughts

okay, I have realized a wool skirt for a trip to Missouri where it is supposed to be in the 80s is a bad idea. Another way to tell you that I haven't sewn it up yet.

In the process of thinking about what to knit/spin during the trip. Had ordered a lace spindle last week, but the store hasn't shipped it yet. With express she thinks she could get it there Saturday. Forget it. I'll get it, but later! I suppose I'll take the lace spindle I do have, it will be good in the hotel. Not so good on the plane, there are still a lot of arm movements!

The goldenrod is blooming, and the church is acting in ways we've lived through too many times. sigh

Called in about my cell phone turning itself off -- it is dying, and is out of warranty. For $50 I can get another refurbished one. Gee, this one lasted less than 5 months? I think I'll spring for a different model. Just in case, I just created a file with my entire phone book in it. I also decided AGAINST the two of us doing internet on our cell phones. Any words of wisdom why I'm wrong?

You know you have adapted too well to text messaging when you call a phone number like 1-800-Ramada and start off 1 800 777 (R) !

Friday, September 10, 2004


how time flies when we are having fun! This has not been a week to write on the blog. No one wants long descriptions of frustrations, doctors, or such!

Gee, if I sit on the couch and spin, my left hand goes numb! This is not fun! The laceweight (I think) is slowly building up. At this rate, I'll have enough to make a scarf in a year!

Once again I'm cold, while Howard wanders the house in minimal clothing. I think I'll get in bed!


Monday, September 06, 2004


It didn't feel like Monday! It was a holiday for Howard, and he took most of it AS a holiday! Wow! He went over to work until I got up, then came home.

Today has been spent in frustration.

Found a stain on the afghan my Mom knit. Spotted it with Dr. Spot. It took all the lanolin from that one area, leaving the lanolin everywhere else. Or else it bleached the fibers. Whatever, there are 2 whiter areas in one panel.

Tried to spin laceweight. At the moment, my hands do NOT want to communicate with each other and spin on either the drop or support spindle. Both managed to break yarns repeatedly.

Not done any knitting either. At the end of the day, I really wonder where it has gone, because I don't accomplish anything!

We did try Turkey Bacon Cream o Wheat waffles today. Very good, but it needs more time with the cream of wheat and water to absorb. Doesn't do it as fast as cornmeal. Any other experiments substituting cream o wheat for cornmeal will have to wait until we restock the supply. I think the decision was that Cheese Spoon Bread with cream of wheat was lighter than normal! whee!

I have a skirt I want to sew before I fly to Missouri. There will be material left over, wondering about a ruana or a jacket. Haven't decided. This is material given by Marie Elston's family, so I want to use it with pleasure!

Sleep deprivation is the only reason I can see for the thoughts but no actions. I tend to just sit and read, instead of doing anything else. Oh, and the fact that the fingers on the left hand are still sore. Not much, but enough to let me know they are annoyed when I do the wrong thing!

I have some gorgeous yarn that varies from a chocolate brown to burgundy to cherry. Any suggestions about a color to use with it, to contrast?

Books read this weekend:
Sherryl Jordan Winter of Fire excellent!
Diana Pharoah Francis Path of Fate very good
Diana Wynne Jones The Merlin Conspiracy lots of fun
2 books on cutting my own hair -- who am I trying to kid? Does anyone really think I can cut my own hair, and have it anything resembling straight? Answers not really required, I think we all agree my straight leaves something to be desired. Yes, it is time to cut my hair. No, I don't think I'll do it. Suggestions anyone?

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Happy September!

As I get older, the years seem to go by faster and faster. It isn't that long ago that there were great fears that the world was going to fall apart 1/1/2000. And now 2004 is officially 2/3 done!

Friends and family, if I get to the point where I carry my family's geneology in my purse to refer to constantly, thump me!

My e-mail is down at present, hopefully it will come back soon. Seems to be a system problem.

I'll write more later.