Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Sheesh, what a day so far! At least, I haven't burned anything. Of course, unless it has finally happened, the pictures aren't on my web page either, but not for lack of trying! I'm going to have to write Barb soon, if I can't get it done!

You know Howard hurts when he makes his OWN doctor's appointment! Thursday morning. Hopefully he will get some relief for his shoulder and thumb, and also get his toes taken care of, he has 2 ingrown nails -- both big toes. Still no date for the sleep study.

EEEKKKKK!!!!!! I feel as if I'm still on pred, and the squirrels are running races in my brain! It would be nice if they would slow down! So far, they are being nutty.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Saturday grogginess

Nathan and Kim took us out to dinner last night, to thank us for the work in the kitchen. Very nice place, Timberlodge, I think.

This morning, after precipitation all night, their is white stuff coming down. It is supposed to end soon, but we will go home on major freeways as much as possible, instead of back roads.

Howard and Nathan are attempting to grout the kitchen floor.

While here, I've knit up a scarf out of Fun Fun (wondering about having students make it on larger needles), a purse, 2 wrist warmers of different lengths (the small ones really don't do much good, do they?), and almost finished Howard's birthday sweater. Need to sew in the neck, and do the hems. You will notice (if you are reading this) that I'm still waffling on the hems. sigh

I'm thinking about undershirts, for warmth. A strand of alpaca, and another of silk wool? I need the neck rather high, but don't want buttons on the back. Do I make sleeves too, or ... thoughts? For fun, I brought up some forest green alpaca, a cone of Zephyr silk/wool, and a cone of cashmere/wool, thought about blending them together. The cashmere is more silvery, the Zephyr is cream.

Thursday, November 25, 2004


Well, the advantage of working your tail off on Thanksgiving is that we didn't overeat! In fact, we didn't have another meal. Well, Nathan, Howard, and Kim all ate around 12. At night. I had a piece of cheese. Sam's smoked cheddar. yum

Happy Birthday Grandma Hewes! Since it is your birthday... Hope you are enjoying it, wherever you are!


Okay, today was a celebration of family -- in doing. Nathan got up early, went out and bought a turkey, then came home and prepared it. After we ate, it was all hands on deck to get the kitchen floor tiled. We are still at it, at 10 in evening. 21 tiles to go. Saturday morning will be grouting, then we'll head for home.

While here, I got the main part of Howard's birthday sweater done (hems on sleeves and bottoms to go, as well as tack down the neck edging. I'll try for some pictures from Nathan's camera before we go home. I also did a scarf for a beginning knitting class, and designed a purse. A baby sweater left to go for the class -- that way absolute beginners can do a scarf, next group can knit a purse, and next a sweater.

I've decided that wristers must be only for people that "get" it, if someone doesn't have a clue what to do with one, it isn't a good gift.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


we are in Sartell MN, I sometimes think this town hates me. Asthma kicked in on teh way up here, nebbing is part of my life while here. I find it frustrating, irritating, and debilitating.

On the way up, we stopped at Hancock Fabric in Ft. Dodge, where I'll be hopefully doing some knit classes soon. I came away with 2 balls of a ribbon yarn, 2 balls of Wool-ease for a baby sweater, and 1 ball of Fun Fur. One purse of ribbon is almost done. Need to sew it up, and make the straps. Fun Fur will be next, just to do something mindless.

Nathan and Howard are HOPING to finish tiling the kitchen floor tonight. As they haven't started, I don't know.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Tuesday Musing

Well, it is supposed to be warmer today, but right now it is 48, and damp. I'm cold! Isn't THAT a big surprise. sigh

I have just about decided to try to make an alpaca/qiviut camisole. The lower part fo the back that is always cold thinks it would be great!

When putting a project down for a while, make darned sure you make notes of what you were planning! At THIS point, Howard's sweater is a mass of confusion to me! What in the world did I plan for the hems? I think I'd decided NOT to do ribbing at all, but to do hems of sock yarn (for less weight). But did I? What was I going to use for the v-neck? I think I'll steek it, and then tack it back? oi

Then there is that little detail that the pattern doesn't match the count. I think I can honestly say this is frustrating!

Well, in honor of TC,

Friday, November 12, 2004

Oops, Friday!

I realize that someone checks daily to see if I've written, and I kind of apologize. I'll try to do better.

Got a call last night about 10:30 that Audrey's mother had died. That is 2 in a week for the church.

Right now it is 32 and cool. My feet say COLD!

Not a lot going on today, 7 loads of laundry yesterday, and a general malaise.

I'll forward Rachel's most recent post to Serena.

Does this make you think of going to the necessary? Does me!

Mary who really likes this smiley! or is it the ability to add these?

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Sunday night

Hm, tonight we went to bed early. Bill called. Nathan Called. Serena called. Serena said she'd call back, I gather Nathan told her we'd gone to bed early. This is what happens when we do something terribly out of character!

I didn't get to see Nathan's meteor shower, and will admit to being disappointed. Would I have gone outside to see? NO! But I would have gladly watched from the upstairs windows.

Mike came by today -- I suspect Audrey was annoyed when looking at the lawns, because she and Dick came out of the church, stood outside for a while, went back INside, and then came out again. Less than an hour later, Mike was here with his riding lawn mower, hand mower, trailer, and pickup. Poor man looked at the bunch of leaves Howard had raked up and bagged (9 -- 39 gallon bags!) and figured it had to be from the whole yard, not just the tiny area he could see cleared -- less than the corner of the house to the garage. But, he looked in the back yard, and realized, I suspect with a greatly SINKING heart, that he was wrong. He filled the bed of the pickup 6 times, as full as he could, and drove them to the leaf dropoff. He and Dick left after dark. I don't know how many are left, but those two worked like crazy. In the process, of course, all of the mold in the area set me off, and I wound up going up to our room and running both air purifiers. In the process, I chilled, so curled up under the comforter, with sweats, mohair socks, and such on. When Howard got home from the theater (breaking down the set), we went to bed. By the time Serena called, I was warm again, so took off the sweats, and am at the computer, so I can grab the phone before it wakes Howard up.

I'm on scarf #14 -- waiting to see where the excess of this batch will go. 9 of them are promised, some are purely decorative, some are warmth/decorative, only one is plain. But I'm starting to itch to knit something else, so I guess this obsession is finishing. I still want to do some with the qiviut, as that should be used, instead of just sitting here.