Thursday, August 20, 2009


Here's Justin "reading." I LOVE this picture!

Friday, August 14, 2009


You know, I've always considered raccoons to be cute and harmless. The other night Howard received a frantic call from Serena that raccoons were in the house please come help. It seems that 5 of them had pushed in a screen and made themselves at home. Tora-chan hid but Titania decided to defend her territory. When Serena got to the kitchen 3 raccoons were fighting one very angry cat. The other two coons were investigating the house. Serena started throwing things to get them away from Titania. They weren't afraid of her at all. She finally knocked something down on them. Titania ran away and Serena chased the coons out of the house, replaced the screen then shut the window. That's when Howard got there, to a trashed kitchen and a VERY upset daughter! No sign of Titania, Tora-chan strolled out leisurely shortly after, wondering about the upset and why the dreadful almost skunk smell in the house. After much cleanup they started the search for the missing cat. Nada.

After we got off work and other appointments we drove up to find the cat. Nope. By then we were pretty resigned to the worst. Maybe not resigned, but definitely thinking that it was inevitable. At 6:30 in the evening Titania strolled out, a little sore and wondering what was on the menu. After a vet visit she came away from the attack with a sprained tail (how can a cat sprain her tail?!) a sore foot and a slight infection. An antibiotic and short course of steroids and she will probably not even remember this-the cat with two brain cells, one in each lobe of her brain. She has no memory-be away from her for more than a day and she doesn't know you.