Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So we are going through and doing a thorough turn-out - getting rid of a lot of things. As much as can is being recycled, but there is still stuff that goes in the trash. Yesterday Howard took out a load and said, "that's it until the trash is picked up." (This isn't just our trash in the dumpster, it is from 15 apartments and 2 offices - and is available to people in the neighborhood to drop things off. Just so you don't think I'm throwing away THAT much!) So today I thought, "I'm sure the trash has been picked up." and took out another load. Hm, the dumpster was still full, but I was able to squeeze this load in.
Stopped and chatted with someone else on the way back to the apartment. I asked about the trash being picked up today. "No, it is picked up on Wednesday. This is Tuesday."
I know this. But I really honestly thought it was Wednesday.
I guess I'll keep whatever else I gather up here until tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Justin took this of Grandpa.
Aunt Kim with Merri
Uncle Nathan and Merri

Aunt Serena, Uncle Justin and Justin

We like kisses
Both were having a grand time bouncing and laughing

Our sister-in-law Stacey came this weekend, we all got together in Madison so she could meet Merri and renew her acquaintance with little Justin (who was maybe 5 months old the last time?) The reality of taking pictures of the two little ones -- one of them is going to move during the shot. But you can see, Justin thought Merri was the greatest toy ever! Merri thought the same of him!