Monday, November 27, 2006

On a brighter note

Here is the completed scarf. I used 4 skeins of America's Alpaca Classic Alpaca in lipstick red using almost every bit of the 440 yards in the 4 skeins (110 yards per skein.) Finished measurements: 80 inches by 6 3/4 inches. Knit on size 6 needles (I knit loosely.)

Simple Basketweave Scarf Pattern
Very simple pattern, cast on 35 stitches, and knit 10 rows garter stitch.
Block A
Row 1: (public side) knit across
Row 2: (private side) knit 5, purl 5, knit 5, purl 5, knit 5, purl 5, knit 5
Repeat 5 times (10 rows), change to Block B
Row 1: (public side) knit
Row 2: (private side) knit 10, purl 5, knit 5, purl 5, knit 10
Repeat 5 times (10 rows) and change back to Block A. Continue until almost out of yarn, knit 10 rows in garter stitch, and bind off loosely.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mary and Howard,
Just finished catching up on your blog. I thought you would be in WC until August. Loved the pictures of Justin and the family. I'll be looking for pictures of your new location. It has been rainy here, but warm/hot. Bill has lots of appointments coming up for renal function/heart. He has a positive attitude but he's slowing down. Difficult to keep blood pressure regulated. Too much fluid or not enough. He's a trouper. Our prayers are with you and will look forward to reading the blog. I have been helping with dog rescues--not from flood. A group called Fluffybutts. There's a website and it also has the petfinder website.