Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

We had Easter dinner with the family. Justin has become very vocal - there are things he says that I KNOW he didn't pick up at home. LOL He loves his drampa! Howard and Nathan went fishing for a while, when they got back, Justin told me "It's your drampa!" I was trying to straighten him out, basically that while he is JUSTIN'S drampa, he isn't mine. Justin became impatient with me and said, "It's YOUR drampa! He's wearing his hat!" All righty then! Obviously I'm wrong! LOL
He got a package of Legos for Easter and was very happy putting it together with Kim's guidance. He didn't need much assistance, just direction. It looked really good.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


So I was sitting in a chair in the hall yesterday. Suddenly the back leg broke and I went down. Landed on my right hand again. Looks as if I might have injured it just about the same place I did 2 years ago.
Color me very unhappy at this point!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hey Blogger?

What is going on? When I click on "publish post" nothing happens. I have to click on "save now" then go to "edit posts" and click on the post then "upload now." Editing posts seems to be impossible. When I tried for 3 times, nothing happened. I tried to copy what I'd written and not a blessed thing happened! I'm not amused.


Minnesota is so ...interesting... in springtime. The grass has turned green, it is becoming nice outside. The chihuahua in the building enjoys going out and stays for a time. So what is supposed to happen tomorrow? sigh 4-14 INCHES of snow is projected through Wednesday. SHEESH!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why is it? A slice of reality

I have kept track of my yarn in a data base for years now. Since before we left New York. I remember sitting in the dining room of the house and weighing each yarn, using the McMoran yarn balance to find out yards per pound then figuring out how many yards of each yarn was on hand.
I lost a good bit of the database recently, I believe I started it in 02. So I have had plenty of time to adjust to adding yarns to it.
So why is it that every so often I come across a yarn that isn't in the stinking data base? Hello? How did I miss you? Tonight it was 2 skeins of a Regia Kaffe Fassett yarn. Now I've knit up 2 pairs of socks in various colorways of this yarn. I knew I had a lonely skein that will become either sock tops or wristwarmers. But I didn't remember this yarn. I don't remember buying it. I don't show a record of it coming in. Where in the world did it come from? sigh Any such yarn counts as a brand new purchase. And it is added in the "yarn purchased this year", "yards added this year" etc. The only way I can figure to make it work. Otherwise I'd constantly be reworking prior years totals.
Occasionally as I cook I realize how time has passed. As in, when I need to pull one of the boxes off the top of the freezer. Why? The aluminum foil is from Wegman's - the WONDERFUL New York grocery chain. I miss their bread. It was the best! We left New York in 03. The waxed paper is from Hy-Vee - an Iowa grocery chain. We left Iowa in 08. There are 2 boxes of Press and cling wrap (or whatever it is called.) We bought those in Iowa when Howard had the surgeries. Yet I think I'm on the 3rd box of parchment paper since we moved here a year ago.
My space bar has been sticking. I couldn't figure out why. Tonight I hit one of the keys and realized -- a size 0 needle had dropped down in front of the first row of the keyboard. Funny, the space bar works fine now!


Sorry! I've been trying to decide if I have enough to say that people are willing to take time to read it. I have been knitting. And knitting. One of the ladies in the building remarked the other day that I don't look right without needles in my hand. I finished a sweater today and the recipient was thrilled. After I gave it to her I noticed 2 strands I hadn't woven in. I offered to take it back and finish, she quickly told me that she'd be perfectly happy doing it. Hm...afraid I'd not give it back? grin We are having a Minnesota spring. The snow went from several feet high to nothing in about a week and a half. The grass has been greening up, the birds have returned. Last night we had snow again. Not a lot, thank goodness, but enough to remind us that it isn't time to put away our winter gear. So, there are people from this area who are snowbirds in Arizona. We also have someone from Saskatchewan that snowbirds HERE! Perspective, I guess. She considers our winters to be mild. Hm...