Monday, October 22, 2007


This hasn't been an easy trip. The other day I walked down the road where Serena lives. I love to do that, there is always something new to see and sometimes it helps me gain perspective. It had already snowed once while I was here, and the ground looked pretty desolate up at this desolation. Yet I saw these bright yellow flowers blooming despite the chill.

If you look closely, there are tiny white flowers in this picture. Despite all of the odds against it, they are still blooming where they are.

And of course, my favorite scene while I am here, trees growing out of rocks. If I had gotten any further back to get the whole tree, I would have dropped off the side of the road and slid down uncomfortably! But this tree has certainly endured a lot to continue to grow where it happened to be.

Smaller trees growing despite all logic. They found just enough to start growing and have continued to grow.

One of Tamora Pierce's books calls trees "Rock Breakers." To grow, they force the rock apart. Takes a lot of steady pressure to do that!

Storm coming in

Pictures taken from Serena's deck as we watched the snow storm come rolling in. Actually, it started with her wistful comment that it was too bad we coudn't capture the contrasts and light. I wasn't able to completely capture it, but you get the idea. Snow off and on most of the day yesterday (seemed more on than off!) and got up today to the winter joy of snow that had melted on the car, then frozen as more snow had fallen on it.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

long time no post

I headed out to Colorado to visit my parents and DD. Dad became sick the day after I got here, and I've been on a run. Mom is now sick as well, so life is doubly exciting. :(

I've extended my stay for a week, instead of flying home this morning I plan to fly home next Tuesday.

Did enjoy a meeting with the Evergreen Yarn Floozies last Thursday, I hope to meet up with them again this week, but there are no guarantees.

My Rogue is almost finished, I need to wash and block it then sew in the ends. Pictures soon, I promise! I'm in the process of starting Serena's out of New Zealand possum/wool. Yummy stuff in the hand!

Friday Mom fell in love with a sweater at Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins in Boulder. I'm going to try to deconstruct it, as the sweater is part of a class offered this fall at the store. I don't plan to be here for any of the 4 sessions, so couldn't sign up for it and get the pattern.

The leaves are falling in earnest up here. Interesting, because they were on glorious display when I arrived. There is a small grove of aspen someone has planted in their front yard, it was glorious the other evening with the light causing them to glow. Today they almost looked tawdry, as if they had dressed up in discarded garments. If that makes any sense.

Up here the angle of the sun affects appearances greatly. When the sun shines at certain angles, everything seems almost magical. But when the sun has gone down further, the same scene looks dull.