Monday, September 13, 2004

packing thoughts

okay, I have realized a wool skirt for a trip to Missouri where it is supposed to be in the 80s is a bad idea. Another way to tell you that I haven't sewn it up yet.

In the process of thinking about what to knit/spin during the trip. Had ordered a lace spindle last week, but the store hasn't shipped it yet. With express she thinks she could get it there Saturday. Forget it. I'll get it, but later! I suppose I'll take the lace spindle I do have, it will be good in the hotel. Not so good on the plane, there are still a lot of arm movements!

The goldenrod is blooming, and the church is acting in ways we've lived through too many times. sigh

Called in about my cell phone turning itself off -- it is dying, and is out of warranty. For $50 I can get another refurbished one. Gee, this one lasted less than 5 months? I think I'll spring for a different model. Just in case, I just created a file with my entire phone book in it. I also decided AGAINST the two of us doing internet on our cell phones. Any words of wisdom why I'm wrong?

You know you have adapted too well to text messaging when you call a phone number like 1-800-Ramada and start off 1 800 777 (R) !

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Serena said...

Sorry! I've had really good luck with my Nokia!

Love you!