Sunday, February 12, 2006

Gift Certificates

I was graced with gift certificates to Webs (from Serena) and to the yarn store near Kim and Nathan for my birthday. I feel like a miser. I greedily go to the web pages and pore over them, deciding what I will get, them deciding to come back another time. Each time, I choose something different, with great glee. I'm having so much FUN, choosing! I know I will eventually make a choice, and will be delighted with that choice, just as I made a choice at Halcyon with Serena's Christmas gift certificate. That went on a pound of cotton/linen yarn and one of the Elsbeth Lavold books.

There is a difference with spending my own money and someone's gift money. I want the gift money "spent" to be something I will look at later and remember "that is from ...!" While I'm knitting with it, or wearing it, or reading it, I want to be reminded of that person. This isn't for an item that is to be used a few times and then dismissed. This is for the things that stay with me. hmmm... No WONDER I have such a time spending them!

But, there is a joy in it as well. Because the gift certificates also tell me that they know me well enough to know what I want. Kim and Nathan also gave me Yarn Harlot's first book and a yarn bracelet. Instead of hanging the bracelet from my wrist, it is hanging from the lamp in my knitting nest in the living room. The yarn pulls beautifully that way, no tangles. Do they know me, or what? LOL

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AlisonH said...

Happy birthday, Mary, and happy knitting and reading. I loved seeing the photo of everybody in that beautiful quilt.