Monday, March 17, 2008

The Goldfish Sweater

Here is the finished Goldfish! I dropped it down onto the snowbank outside the front door, then took it looking down at it. I couldn't quite reach the arm to untuck it where it fell, but the rest of the sweater almost looks posed. Almost.

Yarn used, Dale of Norway Baby Ull, 4 skeins, I started with Brenda Zuk's Salmon Run then played with it. My fish are shorter, thus they look fatter. Pattern designed using SweaterWizard and Stitch and Motif Maker.

Oh, and it is resting on a new bed of the white rain that fell last night.


Serena said...

I think it's cute, even if it was the very devil to knit! I had to make the picture bigger to see the fishies, but I like it!

Helle from Denmark said...

Well, that is actually quite cute!!*GRIN* And I think it is good, that Serena likes it.

A pleasure to meet you Serena!*VVV*

SYLVIE said...

Very nice, just as I thought it would be!

Thanks for the KAL info, now if I can only learn to use Paypal!

smittenknitten said...

What a cute sweater and a lucky little person who gets to wear it!

Anonymous said...

One very very cute sweater. Baby gets the sweater, Mom gets a box of Gold fish crackers? Dianne