Saturday, April 16, 2011


Sorry! I've been trying to decide if I have enough to say that people are willing to take time to read it. I have been knitting. And knitting. One of the ladies in the building remarked the other day that I don't look right without needles in my hand. I finished a sweater today and the recipient was thrilled. After I gave it to her I noticed 2 strands I hadn't woven in. I offered to take it back and finish, she quickly told me that she'd be perfectly happy doing it. Hm...afraid I'd not give it back? grin We are having a Minnesota spring. The snow went from several feet high to nothing in about a week and a half. The grass has been greening up, the birds have returned. Last night we had snow again. Not a lot, thank goodness, but enough to remind us that it isn't time to put away our winter gear. So, there are people from this area who are snowbirds in Arizona. We also have someone from Saskatchewan that snowbirds HERE! Perspective, I guess. She considers our winters to be mild. Hm...

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