Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So we are going through and doing a thorough turn-out - getting rid of a lot of things. As much as can is being recycled, but there is still stuff that goes in the trash. Yesterday Howard took out a load and said, "that's it until the trash is picked up." (This isn't just our trash in the dumpster, it is from 15 apartments and 2 offices - and is available to people in the neighborhood to drop things off. Just so you don't think I'm throwing away THAT much!) So today I thought, "I'm sure the trash has been picked up." and took out another load. Hm, the dumpster was still full, but I was able to squeeze this load in.
Stopped and chatted with someone else on the way back to the apartment. I asked about the trash being picked up today. "No, it is picked up on Wednesday. This is Tuesday."
I know this. But I really honestly thought it was Wednesday.
I guess I'll keep whatever else I gather up here until tomorrow.

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