Friday, October 22, 2004

adjusting to necessity

okay, the swift broke again. This time, the screw to hold the tension on the yarn. So, we went to the local hardware store, and got micro clamps. 2 to hold it to the table, one to hold the tension on the piece. Does mean that as the hank nears its end, I have to "help" it over the clamp. Next thing to fix. While setting that part up, another bit of linen frayed out. This poor thing has seen more miles!

So, the yarn for Ballerina is now balled up. Hm, do I ball up the yarn for Serena next? Have been wondering a bit about doing yardage out of it on Dianne's machine, sew it together, and then let her finish the edging. Do you think the chances are better for her to wear it then? If so, I need the measurements she wants it to be!

Blech! Too many emotional issues going on right now! I'll be glad when a) Dianne's visit is over; and c) the PLAY is over! Now, if only I could get rid of asthma!

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