Sunday, November 07, 2004

Sunday night

Hm, tonight we went to bed early. Bill called. Nathan Called. Serena called. Serena said she'd call back, I gather Nathan told her we'd gone to bed early. This is what happens when we do something terribly out of character!

I didn't get to see Nathan's meteor shower, and will admit to being disappointed. Would I have gone outside to see? NO! But I would have gladly watched from the upstairs windows.

Mike came by today -- I suspect Audrey was annoyed when looking at the lawns, because she and Dick came out of the church, stood outside for a while, went back INside, and then came out again. Less than an hour later, Mike was here with his riding lawn mower, hand mower, trailer, and pickup. Poor man looked at the bunch of leaves Howard had raked up and bagged (9 -- 39 gallon bags!) and figured it had to be from the whole yard, not just the tiny area he could see cleared -- less than the corner of the house to the garage. But, he looked in the back yard, and realized, I suspect with a greatly SINKING heart, that he was wrong. He filled the bed of the pickup 6 times, as full as he could, and drove them to the leaf dropoff. He and Dick left after dark. I don't know how many are left, but those two worked like crazy. In the process, of course, all of the mold in the area set me off, and I wound up going up to our room and running both air purifiers. In the process, I chilled, so curled up under the comforter, with sweats, mohair socks, and such on. When Howard got home from the theater (breaking down the set), we went to bed. By the time Serena called, I was warm again, so took off the sweats, and am at the computer, so I can grab the phone before it wakes Howard up.

I'm on scarf #14 -- waiting to see where the excess of this batch will go. 9 of them are promised, some are purely decorative, some are warmth/decorative, only one is plain. But I'm starting to itch to knit something else, so I guess this obsession is finishing. I still want to do some with the qiviut, as that should be used, instead of just sitting here.

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Serena said...

Well, your fun things worked. :) Very glad that Dad didn't have to do the rest of the yard. Hope you're feeling better today.

Think I am coming down with something, as the sore throat was much worse this morning. If it weren't for the realtor coming to the house this morning, I would have stayed home. And it's apparently going around the office, which is where I'm sure I got it from.

Love you!