Friday, January 06, 2006

A Profound Sense of Delight

Isn't that one of our rewards, when the recipient writes or calls and says, and I quote,  "The socks are wonderful. Oh, but, now, I am spoiled! How hard is it to learn to knit for my size...? I think I'm going to have to indulge and learn how."

And it is notes like that which encourages me to go back and knit more for her. A grateful recipient does the heart good!

Funny thing last night in knitting group, three people came in all sure they had forgotten what to do with their project. I think they needed the reassurance of a place to be where someone could fix the mistakes, if necessary more than that they had forgotten! Life can be stressful, knitting group is usually full of laughter (with each other, never AT each other) and quiet moments. We try to keep it that way. We are going to go one evening a month and one Saturday morning, both for shorter periods of time, to try to address the fact that we are stretching the attention spans of some of the younger members, as well as making it difficult for other members to attend.

Lighten Up Iowa, the Statewide Healthy Initiative starts soon, Howard and I have already made the commitment, joined our team, and begun again. Last year I shed a lot, I've managed to keep it off and drop off an additional bit on my own. So, here we go! Encourage me! LOL

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Mary Anne said...

You are so right - it feels wonderful to receive appreciative comments for our knitting.

Good luck on your lightening up plans!