Sunday, January 01, 2006

2005 Knitting Review

Each year since I crushed my wrist I keep a running list of what I've knit. A way of seeing in black and white what I have been able to accomplish. In those 11 years, my lists have seen many things, and have reflected many times in my life. But they say the same thing, the months, what I knit, why I may not have knit at the time, and the total output of a category. A mini-history of my life at that time.

For 2005, my totals read:
  • Helmet liners   17
  • Sweater   3
  • Hat   2
  • Scarf   5
  • Dollhouse afghan   2
  • Dollhouse baby blanket   1
  • Dollhouse bedspread   1
  • Dollhouse rug   1
  • Wrist warmers    10 pairs
  • Dog carrier   1
  • Socks  2
  • mini scarf   1

Not in any specific order, not in order knit. I did put all the dollhouse stuff together. Seemed appropriate. grin

I don't put together a list of what I plan to knit for this year, because it doesn't work. My knit buddy and I have tried for years. I don't stick to it. I have a Dibs on Ribs in mind, but, per usual, I'm changing it severely. Right now, the two of us are planning a mini-knit-a-long, using DK weight yarn, rewriting the pattern to suit our yarn, and either using the magic ball technique, or something else that we haven't decided to suit our whim. Changing yarns every 2-3 rows? That is still simmering.

I also joined a swap on a mini list, (sorry Howard, I couldn't resist) and need to knit up 11 things by the middle of July. I want to start now, so I don't feel frantic later.

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