Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Lifelines? I don't need no stinking lifeline!

I hadn't been putting in a lifeline on this shawl, because the knitting had been going so well. Monday, I finally decided to put one in -- just in case. As I finished putting it in, I noticed an error about 6 rows back. Somehow I'd done something so there was a noticeable (to me) amount of yarn that wasn't caught in. It ran behind the fabric, so it wasn't a yarnover. It looked to have happened during the yarnover knit 3 together through the back loop, slip that stitch to the left needle, pass over, slip stitch back to the right needle maneuver. There wasn't a possibility of dropping down and working back up. So, I started tinking back.

The yarn has enough texture that it is hard to see the individual stitches when frogging that particular stitch. Also when frogging slip 1, k3tog, pass the slipped stitch over. Between the color variation and the texture, I just plain had a hard time "seeing" what I was doing. I changed from the size 8 needle I was working with to a 0. I eventually went back 12 rows, to where I thought it was all in control. This morning, I started knitting it up again. To realize that I was in trouble. There were some stitches that had taken off and run to the bottom. There was no hope.

It is with deep regret and a sense of frustration (with myself -- not with the pattern or the yarn!) that I announce that I've started over. I've already put in the first lifeline.

When you finish a row, move the knitting to the cable part of the circular needle and it is easy to run the lifeline needle through the stitches. I pulled down on the stitches a section at a time. That way I avoided the stitch markers. I had the lifeline in very quickly and was able to make sure I got each stitch.

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