Friday, June 30, 2006

California Fun

We've had a great week in California, visiting Howard's family. We've visited the Monterey Aquarium, gone to the beach (no chance of a sunburn -- it was FOGGY there up until today as we left!), visited, played, relaxed, Knit (me), laughed, and had a good time.

The B & B where we stayed part of the time is owned by a knitter, which added to the fun. She machine and hand knits, as well as crochets. A delightful lady, the time slipped away as we talked.

Yesterday we went to the Farmer's Market in San Luis Obispo. That was so much fun, and yet very different. So many blocks of booths, and such a crowd of people! I bought a new variety of avocados (bought hard ones so they should ripen after we get home) and some artichokes. I'm hoping that the hot weather bere in Fresno doesn't prove to be too much for them. Oh, and also some dried figs. I usually don't like dried figs, but the vendor gave one to me to sample and it was delicious.

I THINK Nancy's vest is finally done. I'd had to frog it back almost to the beginning again, and I was starting to despair of my ability to finish it. But today I did the armhold edgings on the drive from the coast back to Fresno. All that needs to be done is weaving in the ends, wash and see how it turns out! In celebration, I cast on a pair of socks. Something simple and brainless.

More when we get home, we need dinner!

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