Saturday, July 08, 2006

Home Again

We had a wonderful time in California, it is great to touch base with family members who have similar senses of humor! We laughed and laughed during the trip. Learned new games, talked, and got to know each other again...priceless!

Nancy's vest is finished, ready to go in the mail Monday. There was a wrench when I declared it "done" as this vest and I have gone around and around, trying to reach accord. I think we did it. True test will be how it looks on her, though.

Started a pair of socks in some Opal, a discontinued color in black and red which makes random color blips. They are going fairly effortlessly, if I remember to leave it off the floor. During the trip the needles would stick out of the bag, catch on something, and be pulled out of the work. Not so bad once it was well and truly started, but such a pain when I was on the first 2 rows -- I think I restarted each twice because of that. I was not amused. These will replace a pair of mine that finally have bitten the dust after 5 years. Not the same color -- will have to find some blue sock yarn for that.

We stayed in a bed and breakfast that was wonderful. View of the ocean, close enough to hear the waves, and quail running around. The quail would get on the roof, and we'd hear them go racing across the roof. We never knew when we'd open the door and surprise a covey. Julia, the owner, also has a small yarn store, which made it perfect for me! I bought more sock yarn on the last day as a souvenir. Enough for, cough, 5 pairs of socks. That should keep my feet happy! Nope, no blue in the lot, but some other gorgeous colors.

Serena and I drove up to visit our friend Alison, and spent a great knitters day, just talking.

P.S. Happy Belated Birthday Mom!

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