Monday, July 07, 2008


Yesterday we celebrated my mom's birthday. We'd originally planned to picnic on Serena's deck, weather and fatigue contributed to going out instead.

When we arrived back at Serena's, the power was off, so the garage door wouldn't open (took us a while to figure out the culprit.) As we were trying to get the door to raise, look what stepped out from the front of the house... I left the little bit of our car in.

Today was a "nibbled to death by ducks" day. I'm hoping tomorrow will be better. For whatever reason in their benighted minds, the phone company decided to turn on our DSL service last Thursday, but did not turn on the land line. The cell phones drop service in the middle of calls even though they show full coverage. Just one darned thing after another.

On the positive side, though, we think we have all of the totes out of the garage and stowed away. All of the kitchen boxes that made their way into the apartment have been unpacked. On to the next step -- bringing boxes up out of the garage and unpacking. Forward!

I tried to take pictures last night of our exquisite view. They were either too light, too dark or too shaky to post here. I'll try again later. We have a panorama view of Denver all the way out to the airport. I will figure this out!


Smitten Knitten said...

Glad you arrived safe and sound!

Darcie said...

Glad things are slowly starting to sort themselves out! Moving ranks right up there with death and divorce as stressful life events. I'm looking forward to seeing your view!