Thursday, July 17, 2008

What a week!

This has been a week! Started a new job on Monday, that afternoon Mom found out she needed to be on oxygen 24/7, then I sliced the tip of my left middle finger off that evening! Monday was also our 35th wedding anniversary. That, let me be quick to assure you WAS a positive!

Last night I found out that Ruth Schooley, one of the Knitlist listmoms died Tuesday. Ruth was a great lady. She was warm, caring and knowledgeable. She loved to share what she was learning in the fiber world. When I was upset by something on the list, she had a gift for helping me see the situation in a different light.

Until the finger heals, I can't knit to destress! Yes, I tried. No, it didn't work.


brittunia said...

Just read your post on knitlist and clicked the link to your blog. Sounds like you had one rough week. My condolences to you and the other listmoms for the loss of your dear friend. Wishing you much strength and a speedy recovery so you can knit again- B

Shauna said...

Oh no, what a week! I'm sorry for the loss of your friend and hope everything else turns around soon.

(35 years, wow! My DH & I are coming up on our 1st anniversary...hope we still have as much fun together as you two seem to when we make it to #35! :) )

AlisonH said...

Happy anniversary, Mary and Howard! And thank you for telling the Knitlist about Ruth. Such a huge loss. She was such a peacemaker. I so hope her husband has or can get the password to get into her blog--the comments are moderator-enabled only--and see all the warm thoughts and reminiscences waiting for him there, and to be able to follow the blog links. There is much out there waiting for him to find. But then, he can follow her blogroll links, too. I don't know how to reach him to say there's much love for him and Ruth out there, waiting for him and the rest of the family to see.

Darcie said...

Life certainly hasnt been dull for you lately!

So sorry for the loss of your friend.

Feisty said...

Ruth is gone!! Oh my, what a loss to all of us. My best to the listmoms, she'll be difficult to replace.