Saturday, January 08, 2011


After long thought, I put my spinning wheel up for sale on Ravelry. It was a hard decision, I loved it when I bought it.

The problem came after I'd flown out to Colorado and both parents came down with C Diff. They were so sick, and they were impaired mentally as well as physically while sick. I guess the best thing to say about it is: it was a very difficult situation. That misery attached itself to the wheel, since I had brought it along to destress while I was there. I was miserable every time I tried to spin on it.

Yesterday it sold. SUCH a feeling of relief! I will buy a different wheel at another time, and it won't have the misery attached. As for this one, the new, excited owner won't have the angst attached and will love it. Win-win!

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Erica said...

Well hello :-)
I just found your blog through Ravelry (I'm on the Palette co-op, Round 4). Read this post, and loved it. It's interesting how we attach portions of our lives to certain objects at the time. I have done this too, with books (or especially music), but also specific objects. Sometimes it's hard to let go of objects I no longer need, because I associate it with a good time / memory. But the opposite is also true.

Though you don't know me, and this will sound odd, I'm proud of you for letting go of that spinning wheel! Sounds like a rare, happy ending for a Grimm Bros. fairy tale (mainly because of the spinning wheel itself). I'm glad you felt the burden lift right away. Maybe you'll come back to spinning someday, too.

Anyway, just saying HELLO and will add you to my blog list, if you don't mind. :-)

(snippygal on Ravelry)