Thursday, September 13, 2012

A lot of changes in the last year+!  TWO new grandbabies (one of each kind Serena and Justin had a girl, Nathan and Kim had a boy), Serena and family have moved to Guam, we are living in Wisconsin, Mom is living in Las Vegas...

I need to see if I can keep this blog going.

I knit up a Freddie Platypus for Justin.  I know there are times I really miss being able to hug him.  So each stitch was a way of showing him love, hoping that he will hug it when he needs a hug from me!  The coat is a mish-mash of the coat pattern for Phoebe Mouse and what I needed to fit the platypus.  I bought buttons today -- hopefully they will make the outfit. 

Crud!  I remembered while in Joann's that I needed to pick up jingle bells.  I was in the wrong section, told myself to go there as soon as I was done picking out the item I needed in that aisle.  By the time I did that, jingle bells had escaped my mind until just now.  Blast! 

My frustration level is pretty high these days, yesterday I was on hold for 40 (yes, 4-0!) minutes then talked with someone for a while.  The documents that I had faxed a week ago were not associated with my information, so I should fax again.  Oh, and by the way, faxing again means they have another 10 business days to process my documents.  Drove over to fax them and was told "don't bother, we have another week to process them, they just haven't been looked at yet."  Got home and there was a form letter, they will be processed by 9/27.  (10 business days from 9/5 is 9/27?)  Then to cap it off, there is a note at the bottom, "Please be prepared to fax your verification at that time."

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