Saturday, November 27, 2004

Saturday grogginess

Nathan and Kim took us out to dinner last night, to thank us for the work in the kitchen. Very nice place, Timberlodge, I think.

This morning, after precipitation all night, their is white stuff coming down. It is supposed to end soon, but we will go home on major freeways as much as possible, instead of back roads.

Howard and Nathan are attempting to grout the kitchen floor.

While here, I've knit up a scarf out of Fun Fun (wondering about having students make it on larger needles), a purse, 2 wrist warmers of different lengths (the small ones really don't do much good, do they?), and almost finished Howard's birthday sweater. Need to sew in the neck, and do the hems. You will notice (if you are reading this) that I'm still waffling on the hems. sigh

I'm thinking about undershirts, for warmth. A strand of alpaca, and another of silk wool? I need the neck rather high, but don't want buttons on the back. Do I make sleeves too, or ... thoughts? For fun, I brought up some forest green alpaca, a cone of Zephyr silk/wool, and a cone of cashmere/wool, thought about blending them together. The cashmere is more silvery, the Zephyr is cream.

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