Wednesday, December 28, 2005

wrist warmers -- don't they look good?

Here are the wrist warmers. I was hoping the photo with Serena wearing a "life without lupus" bracelet over one would be the best, because I designed these originally when her wrists hurt so much from the lupus. But, as you can see, the bracelet shows up as an orange distraction, darn it! You can't see the lettering.

The pattern is my pattern from the knitlist gifts with some embellishment. There is an error in my original pattern, if the correction isn't up soon, let me know and I'll send you the correction.

really truly, I'm tired of serial migraines! No clue what is causing them this time. Thank God they aren't as severe as earlier in the year!

1 comment:

Mary Anne said...

Those are beautiful wristwarmers! Thank you for the link to the pattern.

I hope the migraines go away and give you some peace soon.