Friday, March 24, 2006

Back from migraine depths

I'm back from the depths of migraines -- 9 days of them. Finally had to have an IV to stop them. Not sure what set them off this time, but I will say I'm delighted to be able to feel better!

Aural hallucinations are, um, interesting, I could SEE the sounds around me during those 9 days. As it was cold, the furnace was running. Remember in the first part of Fantasia where the orchestra plays music and colors flash? Think of that happening in your head all the time for ordinary sounds. The furnace running was dusty brown, rust, and an occasional red rumble.

No knitting was done during that time. Friends and family know that is my gauge of health. If I can't knit -- I'm sick.

Yesterday was the first day I actually felt as if I could knit again. YAY!

Pictures coming soon of the parts of the vest I do have completed.

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