Thursday, March 16, 2006

subtle differences

it is really odd to have five colors provided in a kit by a company, and then try to do something totally different with them than the company wanted. My friend Dianne sent the kit to me to make a vest for her (fair exchange of work, she wove 2 blankets) and I've been nibbling away at it. The problem, as I see it, is that the colors don't play well together. I can get four of the five to play together, but the fifth refuses. How did the company manage it? Shadow Vest There is a pink in there that doesn't play well with the other colors when it isn't tightly controlled by the teal, but in the context of the shadow knitting, it does very well. The problem is, I'm not doing Shadow knitting!

Dianne requested that this vest be, um, unusual. Both fronts were to be of different colors and stitch patterns, and not to resemble the back. No horizontal patterns.

The two fronts are done. I'll try to get pictures up. The back has been subject of much internal debate and swatching. Do I do a solid color? Do I incorporate all 5 colors? (That pink still didn't play will.) Do I do the 4 colors? 3? 2? Horizonal pattern? Vertical? Tweed stitch? Ya know, if I'd completed any one of the ones I'd started, the vest could have been mailed already! I think I finally have the right one, and it is on the way.

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Cindy said...

Hi Mary,
I think we met once. We exchanged the Scottish Collection not long after you moved to Iowa. I just found your blog. Getting colors right is the most difficult thing for me in knitting or decorating of any kind. Good luck with it. Cindy from Ogden