Saturday, March 25, 2006

Progress Report

I feel a need for a progress report on Dianne's vest. Here are the fronts. As per request, the fronts are disimilar. Very.

And here is the back. As far as it has progressed. All of the colors of the front are used on it. But, as you can see, it doesn't resemble the front in the least. The front is an example of the gauge swatch having nothing to do with actuality. I knit the swatch. And added the nice solid border at the bottom edge to make up the difference in size. Knit along for a while, finally measured it against the other pieces and it was HUGE. I had two choices... frog back the entire piece, or cast off and decide that the back could be cut to fit (a la machine knits. sigh) As you can see, that was the decision. I like the pattern stitch on the back, I think the whole vest would have looked good this way, but I don't think Dianne would have been happy.

My thought is to make 2 stitch i-cord of each color, braid them together (yes, 4 color braids) and have them for the edgings. Except for the bottom, which will be left plain.

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