Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Today I fell apart. Cried when talking with someone. I think it is the first time I've cried since all this started. It was hard to stop.

I'm so glad that I'm knitting for someone else during this time. It would be so hard if I saw the sweater constantly. Too much of a reminder of difficult times. This sweater has such strong emotions knit into it, I'm amazed the yarn can handle it! The intended victim's dog died, then her house was hit by a tornado, I had to frog the sweater twice -- THAT elicted strong emotions! and then Howard losing his job. I think it will be finished before we move -- the new project will have different emotions.

We are packed. All but the last things around the house which will be done at the end. Over 2 weeks early, but I feel good about it. Boxes abound.


Shauna said...

I hope the end of the sweater will have very good emotions knitted into it! Best of luck with finding a new job & with your move!

film said...

I hope the sweater brings the recipient as much comfort and joy as it brought you focus and a much needed distraction during this difficult time.

Happyplace. said...

Oh, no. Virtual hugs to you....
You are so stressed out! Moving is so hard.
I'm sending lots of good vibes and well wishes your way.
Things will get better, hang in there, kid!

Margaret at Heritage Yarns said...

Mary, after reading this, I can hardly wait for it to be cool enough here to wear it - December? lol. It really is beautiful. I'll send a picture one cool evening.