Friday, June 06, 2008

Oh Fudge

I was quite proud of my progress on Margaret's Mermaid, but still had a niggling concern at the back of my mind. I measured today, with 1/4 of the body knit. Even though I had managed gauge on the sleeves with the same needle, the stress of the last weeks shows on my knitting. I frogged again, and am going up a needle size to be able to knit this correctly. So far I've knit the body 1 1/4 times. I look forward to knitting it completely, correctly and happily!

It is a good thing that I like the way this sweater looks as I knit it, or I think I'd throw it in a corner, stamp my feet and scream! snivel

On the packing front, the house is becoming occupied by boxes. I started a stack in the fiber room while I was working in there, and it kind of grew on me. :) So the two back rooms are stacked with boxes.

I have been nagged by the feeling that we need to be packed long before we need to be gone. In exploring that, I've come to realize that comes from our past
  • About a week before we moved from Portland Nathan was hospitalized with croup and asthma for 5 days. The Tooles and Petersons came in the last day and stuffed things in boxes and loaded them on the truck. (That was an...interesting move. We couldn't get the tow trailer lights to work on the car -- the first night we stayed at a motel and the crew from "The Incredible Hulk" got them to work for us! We didn't mess with that connection until we got to Oklahoma.)
  • When we moved from Colorado, I went to the doctor for a lump in my throat 3 weeks before we moved. A week later I went back to the doc, and was hospitalized until AFTER the truck had come to get our stuff. Wonderful friends who, in Howard's words, -- I was in the hospital 3 hours away -- "descended on the house like locusts, packed things in boxes until there were no more boxes then stuffed things in trash bags and loaded them on the truck." After they were finished he had to buy clothes and medicines for the journey as everything had been packed. That's all right, we would not have gotten everything to our new house without them.

So, I have precedent worrying me. If we are finished packing early, so be it. I'd rather whine about not having enough to read than not be ready when it is time.

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