Sunday, October 17, 2010


Remember just last post when I rejoiced that I'd finally used up all of that black 3 ply Kroy sock yarn? Yeah, the exhiliration lasted less than 24 hours, I was looking for a different yarn, and found an entire bag of the stuff. I don't know, but I'm beginning to suspect it of breeding. I lost my yarn data base due to an unexplained computer error, so I can't tell when I bought it. I think I created the original yarn database in 2002, I know I had the yarn before that, because I made Howard several pairs of over-the-calf dress socks from it. I stopped in the middle of a pair in 2003 when he told me that purchased socks were more comfortable. I don't think I've made a pair for him since.

I'm making cranberry oatmeal cookies from my archive. I had thawed 2 packages of cranberries, so tripled the recipe. There were going to be so many cookies, I decided to try them as bars instead of drop cookies. I'll update as to how they turn out.

I made 2 scarves from Sally Melville's book with her daughter, "Mother-Daughter Knits". I used the tabbed scarf pattern. The second was a variation on the theme, I only had 2 buttons that went really well with the yarn, so I made 2 tabs instead of 3. I think I'll make one more of the 3 tab version of the same yarn I made the first (alpaca with a twist baby twist) for me. The other is for a friend. I thought it was a great pattern for cold Minnesota weather!


Cathy said...

Hello FiberFanatic !
I'm Cathy from France: I saw on Hanne Falkensberg knitalong your version of Mermaid : I studying carefully the pattern in order not to make any mistake (I hope Amy will get the opportunity to send soon the spreadsheets...)
I saw your post about the cowl you did on mermaid : if I understand the construction, you began knitting the projets with short rows that doesn't exist in the pattern, in order to improve the cowl ? Thank for your help !

fiberfanatic said...

The shawl collar was made by picking up the stitches for the collar. I then started with the center stitches, and knit short rows, each longer than the last one, until all of the collar stitches were knit. I then knit the whole collar the depth that was called for in the pattern. I hope this helps!