Friday, October 22, 2010


An ongoing problem in my life...haircuts. What in the world about my face/body/head is it that causes almost every hairdresser to cut my hair SHORT! I go in with a picture of the desired cut. I ALWAYS wind up with a cut that is much shorter. This morning's cut was supposed to be based on a cut which ended about chin length. What do I have? A cut that ends barely at the base of the ear lobes! That is a difference of several inches.

When in high school I'd take my mom or my sister along to oversee the cut. After all, I can't see a darned thing once my glasses are off. I usually wound up with hair even shorter than today's!

What is it about me that inspires/drives/whatever the cuts to be so much shorter? I do NOT understand! The usual reaction when people see my hair is "it is so SHORT!"


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Feisty said...

Me too! I've been to 3 different stylists with the same photo of shoulder-length hair. Every one of them cuts it to chin-length despite my having told them beforehand that they are absolutely, positively NOT to trim more than an inch. And then I get to wait 6 months for my hair to grow out!