Thursday, October 14, 2010


I decided to knit something small for several friends. So, when one of the people was asked what color he wanted, guess what he said? "Red or black." sigh I am certainly seeing a trend here. I suppose I can't use the excuse that I'm almost out of black yarn? A second person also requested red. Luckily, the other person wants earth tones. Hm, what quick items can I make?

I bought a lot of Kroy sock yarn when we were still in New York from the Paton's outlet (before it closed.) I have FINALLY used almost all of it up! By the time I finish this sweater for Merri I will be out of it. I didn't really think it would ever happen! I have some burgundy Kroy, do you think that counts as red? Actually, I will, now that I think of it, will still have enough enough of the red from this sweater to make a hat or scarf for him. I don't have enough black, but red... Don't know if there will be enough of the red for the second person.

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