Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Welcome Merri!

This is Merridyth Ann, our new(ish) granddaughter. She was born in July, sorry I've been so lax in keeping up with the blog! I knit the christening gown (finished it the day before we left to meet her!) It is from Knitpicks bare, DK weight. I freely played with the pattern, only the yoke looks as it was designed. That's okay, I complied with Serena's wishes to have a true cable down the skirt, and then a cabled edging instead of a lace edging. The cables in the skirt are the same as the one in the yoke. The edging is Barrington Braid.

Minnesota has been interesting. We have been so busy (and tired) from work that we are still unpacking. The apartment is lovely, the people are so welcoming.

A new game being played in the apartment building: what are they cooking? Long before we moved in, some of the residents started sitting in the hall outside of our apartment and chatting. The comment was made that we have such nice smells coming from our apartment, they usually spend some time trying to figure out what is/was cooking.

This has been a rough year. But, the important thing I am holding on to is that we've made it this far, we can make it! Yeah, I wish Dad had been able to see Merri. That didn't happen. We rejoice in the fact that she is here and is healthy!

As you can see, Justin is taking his role as the big cousin seriously!

On the needles, another Tutti Frutti by Hanne Falkenberg, this one for Miss Merri. For some unknown reason, Mommy wants the exact same colors as I knit the 3 for Justin. That will be 4 sweaters using the same colors and pattern. The only differences has been the sizes. Sigh. I love you guys!

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