Monday, August 30, 2004


Ah. Aunts Ivadell and Muriel are coming by tomorrow morning. They aren't staying for lunch, leaving me to wonder if I have a reputation for poor cooking or poor housekeeping. Whatever, I haven't seen Muriel for years, and look forward to it.

Had a brief moment on indecision, wondering whether I should clear all of the fleece and roving out of the living and dining rooms. Nah, might as well be honest. There is "just a bit".

Hand is doing better, I'll try knitting today. Really, for what I did to it, I'm very lucky!

This morning I made brudgies, goulash, ran the dishwasher twice, and various other insane things. Now I plan to sit still for a while, and listen to a book on tape. Probably "Dragonquest".

Tomorrow I will have to buy plane tickets for Denver, I guess.

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Serena said...

Cool! Any particular reason they're stopping by? :) Please say hello for me!

Mmmmm.... Brudgies... I wish my oven was working!