Thursday, August 26, 2004


Howard is flying home today. He'll be in tomorrow. Yay!

Something is in the air right now, sinuses are complaining. Good day to sit back and do little!

Started a loaf of bread, anyone want to come by when it is done? This one is going to be oatmeal, using steel cut oats that have been soaked in boiling water a while. No, I am NOT going to use the bread machine, it is still in exile on the back porch until someone else wants to use it. I know my limits -- bread machines are beyond me. Something about "exact measuring". Right.

Also made a crockpot of navy beans with turkey ham. I am wondering how making corn bread, but using cream of wheat would work as a substitute. Any ideas? Serena's suggestion about cheese spoon bread using cream of wheat is on the test list too. Been waiting for Howard to get home to try that.

Today is HOT with the chance of severe storms. Whoopie.

Sherrie has been by twice for the door code.

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Serena said...

I wish I could come by and have fresh bread with you. Damion has one glass bread pan, so maybe when you visit we'll use the mixer to make bread. That is, of course, assuming Damion gets the propane refilled so we can use the oven.

And do let me know how the cream of wheat cheese spoonbread works.