Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Why Do I Do this to myself?

Decided to try to knit 2 (count em, TWO) baby sweaters by tomorrow morning, so DH (also known as long suffering sweetie) can take them to a family gathering, and he can pass them on to Serena, for baby gifts. I think it is about time SHE started making her OWN baby gifts!

That puts the second sock for an upcoming book on hold, while the sweaters hopefully race on. First one is the famous 5-hour baby sweater. I'm making it of Sirdar Tiny Tots in a mustardy yellow, with a strand of Jamie Baby yarn in white. I'll let you know what I think when it is finished. The second is still out with the jury -- will it be red, or a variegated blues, or pinks, or... I need to decide FAST!

By the way, Nathan and Serena, do you prefer cinnamon butter rolls or plain butter ones?


Serena said...

Oh, cinnamon butter rolls! :) They're yummy!

Yeah, but you make such pretty stuff!

Love you!

Lil bro said...

Either or works for me!

Serena?! Why do you need baby stuff?! You have something you need to tell us?!?!?!?!

Serena said...

Yeah, I know lots of pregnant women! :)

Lil bro said...

just checking!