Wednesday, August 25, 2004


I'm on a roll! Finished a sock last night, and today finished a purse that has been "so close" to being done for a long time.

Put in the mail today:
box # 1 the two socks to be photographed for a book,
box # 2 yarn for Serena
box # 3 Mom's vest
box # 4 package for Dianne Noe
box # 5 the purse
box # 6 thread
box # 7 the yarn from hell that is being returned to the store.

For someone that doesn't go to the post office much, this was a bit of overkill!

The pickup has some scent that gives me a headache. Good thing I don't need to go somewhere!

Completed while Howard has been gone:
1 soap sack
2 adult vests
1 toddler vest
1 sock
1 purse

The toddler vest and the soap sack are the only start to finish projects, though.

Visited someone today that has 4 sewing machines and a serger! Plus a spinning wheel made in the Amanas, a small loom, several drop spindles, and a Navajo spindle! A fiber fanatic, though more interested in quilting.


Lil bro said...

Mom, I am glad that you are gettign things done while Dad is out and about. Who is the person you visited? Someone in the church? Good!

Check my blog when you get a chance, and you will see how MY day went yesterday!

Serena said...

So are you going to be getting together with this person again to play with her fiber toys? :)