Thursday, October 06, 2005

Great Knitting Weather!

Wow! Fall Fell! Yesterday we brought in the houseplants, and today we are adapting to cooler temperatures. Earlier in the week the air conditioner was running, that is now a thing of the past. Even with the thermostat set at the new low temperatures, to save energy, the furnace has clicked on a couple of times.

All in all, good weather to curl up on the couch, put a good book in the CD or tape player and knit away!

Earlier this week I did a gauge swatch. I always do a gauge swatch for a sweater. I was right on target. But somehow, as I got to the top of the sleeves, I realized something was not right. In the process of going from gauge swatch to sleeves, my knitting had tightened up. The sleeves were WAY too small. I had to frog both back (I knit both at the same time to make sure they are the same size when I'm done!) and start again with larger needles. I'm about to measure again to make sure they are still the same. Don't want to do THAT again. Would hate to have them turn out too LARGE this time, now wouldn't I!

Isn't that how life turns out sometimes? You plan ahead, but the actual details change as you go. Life IS a challenge!


Anonymous said...

And oh do they change. But may your sleeves always fit and your yarn always be soft.

fiberfanatic said...

Thank you. And today, the sleeves are finished, spot on gauge, and they will fit.