Thursday, October 20, 2005


I think waiting is one of the hardest things in life.

Right now Nathan is waiting for things to work out. He needs 60 hours at the internship. After being assured that his job would support him on the internship hours, they changed their minds. His work had originally said that he could split the weeks out 2 days at his internship, 3 days at work at 10 hours a day for 4 weeks to get it done. This week he was told that it was off. He either had to work full time through his internship, or become a part-time employee of the company. After much wrestling with the decision, he and Kim decided to take the part-time and he will have to start looking elsewhere with his new degree. In the meantime, it means he will be working extra hours, packing, selling their house and wondering how long the tunnel will be.

Life is like that. Yeah, it is.

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