Friday, October 28, 2005

Knitting Books

Of the 185 books logged in so far on my new online toy, 149 of them have been knitting books! Guess I can tell where my heart is! It is hard to believe that earlier this year I went culled them, and decreased the number by at least one shelf's worth! I haven't been buying new books much at all, can you imagine what my total would be if I had been purchasing them? The mind boggles! LOL

I keep telling myself virtuously that this is good for insurance purposes. After I get done with the fiber room, and the shelf down the stairs with the Andre Norton books, I'm going to use Howard's laptop and do the downstairs a bite at a time. That is where the preponderence of the books live. I think even more than his office. I don't know for sure. The problem is that books live all over the house, and I'm not always good about putting them back where they should belong. Right now I'm still missing some books from the last time I used/read them.

I'm entering the home stretch on the commission. Maybe today on the body, then just the seaming and the fiddly bits. Whee!

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